MoneyWorks 8 Manual — Contents

Welcome to MoneyWorks

Using This Guide

If You have Problems

Installing MoneyWorks

The First Time you Run MoneyWorks

Getting Started

Setup Information Required

Creating Your New File

Setup Information

Check Your Tax Rates

Managing Your File

Document File Size

Protecting Your Document

Backing Up Your Document

The Log File

Moving Your File to a Different Platform

Communicating with Your Accountant


Managing Your Plug-ins

Chart of Accounts

Moneyworks Accounts

Cloning an Existing MoneyWorks Document

Maintaining your Chart of Accounts

Account Categories

Company Details

The Navigator

The Calendar

Using the Navigator

Entry Windows, Data Validation and Sticky Notes

Entry and Validation where a Code is Required

Creating a Record “On the Fly”

Sticky Notes

Working with Lists

The Toolbar

Selecting Records in a List

Manipulating Records in a List

Useful List Operations

Customising Your List

List Filters

Printing and emailing

Output Settings

The Preview Window

Changing the Margins and Leading

Printing Forms

Printing Issues


Viewing Transaction Lines

Transaction Entry

Storing Source Images

Transaction Entry Goodies

Modifying and Deleting Transactions

Printing Transactions

Posting Transactions

Recurring Transactions

Setting up an Auto-Allocation for “Cash” Transactions

Cash Transactions

Entering Receipts

Printing Tax Receipts

Bank to Bank Transfers

Manual Electronic Payments

Bank Reconciliation


Creating a New Name

Modifying and Deleting Names

Importing your Address Book

Items, Products and Jobs

The Job file

Debtors and Accounts Receivable

Receiving Payment for Sales Invoices

Printing and emailing Statements

Ageing Debtor Balances

Creditors and Accounts Payable

Receiving Invoices

Paying Your Creditors


Cancel Transaction

Contra Invoices

Write Off Command

Return Refund to Debtor

Receive Refund from Creditor

General Ledger Journals


Printing Reports

Index to Reports

Overview of Main Reports

Other Financial Reports

Product and Customer Sales Reports

Stock & Job Reports


Product Enquiry

Customer & Supplier Enquiry



Document Preferences

GST, VAT, Sales Tax & Tax Codes


Taxable Payments Report


Customer Accounting

Making Tax Digital

IRD Connect

Sales Tax and PST

Tax Codes

1099 Forms

Of Budgets, Balances & Reminders

Account Balances

Off-Ledger Values

Reminder Messages

Users, Privileges & Security

Logging in when you Open a document

Protecting Reports and Forms by Signing

MoneyWorks Security Levels

MoneyWorks Privileges

Sharing your Document over a Network

Accessing a shared document

What’s different when you are Sharing

Uploading a File to Datacentre or MoneyWorks Now

MoneyWorks Datacentre Server setup

Upgrading a v7 Datacentre

Starting the Datacentre



Datacentre Services


Using the Folders tab

Updating the Datacentre software

Using MoneyWorks Datacentre

Remote Connections

Items, Products and Inventory

Creating a New Item

Modifying and Deleting Product Items and Resources

Printing a Product List

Updating Inventory

Stock Journals

Building Products

Stock Enquiries


Locations, Serial Numbers and Batches

Serial Numbers and Batches

Serials, Batches and Jobs

Importing transactions with serials/batches or locations

Order Entry

Sales Orders


Batch Processing of Sales Orders and Quotes

Batch Reordering

Determining Backorders


Setting the Exchange Rate

Transferring funds to/from a foreign bank account

Entering a Foreign Currency Transaction

Realised and Unrealised Gains and Losses

Departmental Accounts


Department Groups

Associating Departments with Accounts

Department Classifications

Using Products with Departments

Job Costing Tutorial

Job Control

Setting up Your Jobs

The Job file

The Job Sheet File

Timesheet Entry

Stock Requisitions

The Work-in-Progress Journal

Job Billing

Job Budgets

Job Reports

Report Writing Tutorial

A Quick Customer Report

Custom Reports

Working with the Report Editor

Report Parts

Report Columns

Report Cells

Sequential Report Chains

Hot Links

Analysis Reports

Analysis Tutorial

Printing An Existing Analysis Report

Anatomy of an Analysis Report

Exporting & Importing


Importing into Other Files

Transaction Importing

Importing Payments/Receipts on Invoices

Product Importing

Names Importing

Job Importing

Job Sheet Item Importing

Importing Direct from other Applications

Forms Designer

Anatomy of forms

The Document Window


Tools and Controls

Formatting Objects

Form Options

Testing Your Form

Securing Your Form

Adding a Hot Link

Customising the Navigator

Calculations and things



Operator Types

Relational Searches



Function and Handler Summary

Script-only Functions

Scripts, Automation and the REST of it

The MWScript Language

Standard Handlers

Specific UI Element Handler Names

Adding a custom user interface to your scripts

Building Windows

Opening and Closing Windows

Window Extensions

MoneyWorks Automation

MoneyWorks REST APIs

Appendix A—Field Descriptions

Simplified Schema