The Job Sheet File

The job sheet file records individual entries and budgets against jobs. It is only available if the Enable Job Costing and Time Billing job preference option is set. The entries are displayed in a standard tabbed list view.

Entries against a job can include resources used such as time, disbursements, stock and products. These can be actual or budgeted amounts.

The sidebar tabs in the view are:

Actual: All actual job sheet items (both Pending and Processed).

Pending: All actual job sheet entries that have been entered but not invoiced.

Processed: All actual job sheet entries that have been invoiced to the client.

Budget: All budgeted job sheet items.

Actual job sheet entries can be entered into any of the Actual sidebar tabs, or can be created automatically when a transaction tagged to a job is posted. Budget job sheet entries can only be entered in the Budget sidebar tab, or created automatically when a Quote is accepted as a Job — see When a quote is accepted.