Remote Connections

Since it is “always on”, it is possible to connect to a MoneyWorks Datacentre server over the Internet. Performance will be somewhat dependent on the latency (round-trip message time a.k.a. ping-time) which on the public internet is typically up to 100 times higher than a local area network.


If you install the server on a computer in your office, you will need a static IP address for your connection. Talk to your ISP about this. They should be able to tell you what your IP number is. A domain name for the IP is not required unless you wish to use SSL.

Depending on their ISP, remote clients who want to connect may also need static IPs. Some ISPs rotate dynamic IPs very frequently (e.g. every 30 minutes). This has the effect of hanging any open connections.

Alternatively, you can install the server on a hosted Virtual Private Server or a colocated server. These always provide static IPs, and will generally provide remote desktop access and a control panel for setting up port forwarding, thus the setup will essentially be the same as for an on-premise server.


If your Internet router performs Network Address Translation or has a firewall, you will need to configure it to allow the following ports to be forwarded to the server running MoneyWorks Datacentre:

6674-6698 Data Ports. One port for each data file that is active
6699 The MoneyWorks Datacentre service port
6700 The MoneyWorks Datacentre software update http service
6710 REST API port plus web apps

For simplicity, you should forward the entire range of ports 6674-6710.

The Datacentre ports can also be configured in the Datacentre Console. You should only adjust the port settings if you have a conflict with other server software running on the same computer.