Welcome to MoneyWorks

Welcome to MoneyWorks, the integrated Accounting system for small (and not so small) business. MoneyWorks is designed to:

  • Keep a record of all your business transactions: Using the enquiry and reporting facilities, this will give you better control of your business than is possible with a manual system;
  • Keep track of your GST and/or Sales Tax commitments: Every time a transaction is entered into MoneyWorks these are automatically accounted for. This is much more cost efficient and accurate than using manual methods;
  • Be easy to use: You don’t have to be a computer guru or accountant to use MoneyWorks. It operates in a simple and intuitive fashion, and provides all the power and functionality that a small business could require.

Using MoneyWorks you will:

  • Spend less time administering your accounts and more on making your business work;
  • Have better information to help manage your business;
  • Reduce your accountant’s fees—instead of providing them with your cheque books and bank statements, you can just print a few reports from MoneyWorks (or provide a complete set of your accounts electronically).

It’s a big manual...

We’ve taken a lot of trouble to provide you with a comprehensive and easy-to-read manual. But that doesn’t mean that we expect you to read it all—in fact we would be surprised if anyone has read through it, fascinating as it is! Use the manual to help you get started, and as a reference tool.

Getting started

To get started on MoneyWorks, follow these simple steps:

  • Download and install the MoneyWorks software on your hard disk. This is explained later in this chapter, so read on.
  • If you are a first time user, work through the Tutorial—this will give you a good grounding in how to use MoneyWorks (that’s what it’s for). The tutorial is supplied as separate documentation, and can be accessed from the Help menu in MoneyWorks.
  • Create your own set of accounts as explained in Getting Started. You may wish to use one of the sets that comes with MoneyWorks as a starting point.