Calculations and things

You use calculation formulæ in many different places in MoneyWorks:

  • In any text entry box (preceded by an “=”) for a quick calculation;
  • In Advanced Find;
  • In Advanced Replace;
  • In report Columns, Cells and Accumulator calculations;
  • In the If ... Else if report Parts;
  • In Form calculation and list boxes;
  • In Form Visibility, list search and copies functions;
  • From AppleScript, VBScript and Visual Basic.

This section describes how to write a formula.

You can write formulæ using:

  • constants or values;
  • mathematical, relational (comparison), and logical operators;
  • built-in functions;
  • references to MoneyWorks fields (where in context);
  • references to the results of other calculations on the same form or report.

You combine these components into an algebraic expression using the standard infix notation that you learnt at school.