Batch Reordering

You can automatically generate purchase orders for products whose effective stock is less than the products’ re-order level(s). This can be done either by selecting a range of products, or by selecting a range of Sales Orders.

  1. In the Products list, highlight those products that you want to reorder

or: in the Sales Order list highlight the Sales Orders for which you want to reorder stock

  1. Choose Command>Reorder Products

Purchase orders will be generated for the products or sales orders highlighted. The following applies:

  • Purchase orders are only generated for bought products.
  • Purchase orders are generated for the supplier in the “Usual Supplier” field. If no supplier is specified, no order is created.
  • The effective stock holding of a product is the Stock on Hand from the product record (this will be zero for non-stocked items), plus any existing unfulfilled purchase orders, less any unfulfilled orders. An order is only created if the effective stock holding is less than the re-order point.
  • The number re-ordered is the greater of 1) the difference between the effective stock holding and the re-order point and 2) the re-order quantity.
  • You will get an order (equal to the re-order quantity) for any non-stocked items that you have highlighted, provided the reorder quantity greater than zero.
  • Where you generate one or more purchase orders from a single, highlighted sales order, the purchase orders are linked (related) back to the originating sales orders, and can be located using the Find Related command. Linking is not possible when more than one sales order is highlighted.