Printing An Existing Analysis Report

Analysis reports are designed to be printed “in context” starting from a selection of records in a source file (Products or Jobs, for example). When you print an analysis report the source file is always used to establish which records you require for analysis. There are three ways in which records are selected from the source file, the method for selection being specified when the analysis report is created.

Use Selected Records: Analyse the highlighted records in the source file.

Use Preset Search Use an embedded search function in the report to locate the records in the source file to analyse.

Ask for Search Code Use an embedded search function to locate the records in the source file, but prompt the user for the value to search for.

Both the source file and the number of records in it that are being analysed are shown in the Analysis Settings window which is displayed after you start the analysis. You should always check these before continuing with an analysis.

To print from an existing analysis setup:

Printing from selected records

  1. Display the appropriate Source file by selecting it from the Show menu

The list of records in the file will be displayed.

  1. Isolate the records you want to analyse in the Source file

You can do this by using the Find command or highlighting the records by holding down the control/command key and clicking on the items you want to select.

  1. Select the required analysis report from the Reports menu

The analysis settings dialog box will be displayed.

  1. Go to step 4 below