Tools and Controls

You draw and manipulate the form elements using the tools and functions provided in the Tool palette.

Note: Before you start to draw the form, you should have set the form size and layout — see Setting the Form Size.

You can draw seven different kinds of graphic objects using the tools, and you can paste or drag and drop graphics as well — see Graphics and Logos for supported formats. The two most important objects are the Calculation box, and the List box. These are used to display the information from the record that is being printed.

If you will be printing the form on plain paper (rather than on pre-printed stationery), you may also want to embellish the form with lines, boxes, text and pictures.

You place an object on the form by selecting the tool for that object and clicking and dragging on the form.

Tip Click the Find toolbar button (or just press Ctrl-F/⌘-F) to find the next occurrence of a specified piece of text in the form. Pressing Ctrl-G/⌘-G will repeat the search to find the next occurrence. Note that finding on just a number will also find the item on the form with that object number.