Starting the Datacentre

Place your documents

MoneyWorks Datacentre will serve any MoneyWorks documents that it finds in its Document Folder. By default, this directory will be /Library/MoneyWorks/Documents/ (on macOS), or C:\MoneyWorks Documents\ (on Windows).

You should move your MoneyWorks documents to this directory, along with your MoneyWorks Custom Plug-Ins folder if you have custom reports and forms. If you have several documents that use different custom forms and reports, you can create subdirectories in the documents folder and place a MoneyWorks document together with its particular MoneyWorks Custom Plug-Ins folder into each one. When clients log in to a document for the first time, the corresponding MoneyWorks Custom-Plug-Ins folder will automatically download to their workstation. See Whither Plug-ins for more information.

You can put documents created by Moneyworks Cashbook or MoneyWorks Express in the Datacentre Documents folder and these will be shared as if they were MoneyWorks Gold documents. If you wish to use the documents in future with MoneyWorks Express or MoneyWorks Cashbook, be sure to avoid using any features not supported by those products (e.g. Departments, Inventory, or extended Job Costing)

Don't file-share

The document root directory should not be available to normal users via file sharing. This might tempt them to try to bypass the Datacentre server and open the files directly (Client-only installations won't allow direct opening of documents, but a user with a full Gold installation could do this). The MoneyWorks Datacentre service will open documents on demand when clients connect to the server.

  • MoneyWorks Datacentre does not share data using the operating system’s File Sharing facilities.
  • Don’t open Datacentre-shared files directly using the Open command in MoneyWorks Gold.
  • Don’t double-click files in the folder to open them. Opening files in this way will prevent the server from opening them and other users will not be able to access them.

Password Protection

You should enable password protection before placing a document for sharing by the Datacentre. If you don't do this, users will be logged in anonymously and you will not be able to see who is logged in. Also, per-user settings will not be stored if users are not set up.

Start on reboot

There is no need to reboot the server after installation. The MoneyWorks Datacentre is configured by default to start itself if the machine is rebooted.

The installer will start the server for you.

If you need to manually start (or stop) the server, here is how:

  1. On the server, open the MoneyWorks Datacentre Console in Applications (macOS) or in the Start menu (Windows)
  1. On Mac you will need to authenticate as an Administrator by clicking the lock icon and entering the password for your user account.
  1. Click the green Start button (if the button is a blue Stop button, the service is already running).