MoneyWorks Datacentre Server setup

Here's the short version of the steps to setting up MoneyWorks Datacentre Server.

  1. Install the Datacentre server software

Mac: Open the installer: Datacentre.pkg.

Windows: Open the installer: DatacentreSetup.exe.

Also install client software from the MoneyWorks Gold installer on your client workstations. One of these can use the full Gold serial number; the others will be installed as Datacentre Client only.

Important: If you are installing on macOS Catalina or later, you must give MoneyWorks Datacentre Console Full Disk Access in order for Datacentre to work. MoneyWorks 8.1.8 or later is required for macOS Catalina compatibility.

  1. Configure the server

Use the MoneyWorks Datacentre Console application. The Windows installer will start this for you; on Mac you can find it in /Applications.

You need to enter your serial number(s), contact email addresses, and other configuration information. Then click Apply Changes

Make sure the computer you install MoneyWorks Datacentre on is set to not go to sleep. If it sleeps, users may not be able to log in, or connected users may have their connection hang. If the server is a Mac see how to prevent sleep on a Mac.

  1. Place your existing MoneyWorks document(s) in the Datacentre's documents folder.

On Mac, you wil also need to open the Console and allow it to set the ownership of the files so that the server can access them.

  1. For a single-company server, you will need to select the company document to share in the Document tab of the Console.

If you are just getting started with MoneyWorks, you will first create your accounts document(s) using the full license install of MoneyWorks Gold, then use the Upload to Server function or place the document(s) in the server folder when you are ready to share them.