Serial Numbers and Batches

Serial number and batch tracking are where items are tracked by either a serial number or as a batch. Serial numbers are (or should be) unique to the product, so a phone for a specific brand will have a unique serial number within that brand. Thus the quantity of a specific serial number that can be purchased or sold is one.

Batch (or lot) numbers can come in any quantity, and you can sell up to the maximum number items that you have in that one batch. For example, if you purchase 1000 packets of a drug, and 400 are from batch 1 and 600 are from batch 2, you can't (or shouldn't) resell 800 packets from batch 1 (instead it would be a maximum of 400 packets from batch 1, with the balance from batch 2).

For convenience, items that require a serial or batch number will be referred to as Serialised Items.

Notes on serialised items:

  • Serial or batch numbers are allocated when you purchase/manufacture an item, or otherwise bring it into stock.
  • When you sell serialised items, you must specify the serial/batch number at the time of sale.
  • Serialised items cannot be autobuilt, and should not be components of another autobuilt item. MoneyWorks will ignore autobuilds that contain serialised items, so autobuilt item will just go into negative stock.
  • A serialised item will have the same average unit value across all serial/batches (just like locations).

Specifying that a product is to be tracked by serial/batch

Unlike location tracking (which applies to all inventoried items), serial and batch tracking is an attribute of each product, and needs to be turned in the product record itself.

To turn on serial/batch tracking for an item:

  1. Create a new item, or locate the item in the Item List and open it by double-clicking
  1. On the Inventory tab, turn on the Serial Number Tracking or Batch Number Tracking as appropriate

Only one of these can be enabled. Note that these are only available for items that are inventoried (i.e. the option We Stock It and treat inventory as an asset is set on the Details tab).

Note: You cannot enable serial/batch tracking for an item unless its stock on hand is zero at all locations.

Note: If you have location tracking turned on, MoneyWorks will need to calculate the total stock on hand for the serialised item in each location. This will be expensive if there are thousands of the item in stock, potentially introducing a delay in displaying the location count. In this situation, turn off the Show Totals by Location option to speed things up.

  1. If you are tracking by batch number and want to record the expiry date of the batches, turn on the Batches expire option.

If this option is on, you should record the batch expiry date in the Date column whenever you purchase/manufacture a new batch.