Taxable Payments Report (Australia)

Australian businesses in the building and construction industry are required to report to the ATO on the total amount they've paid contractors each year for building and construction services. This is done on the Taxable payments annual report.

Setting up the Information in MoneyWorks

The first step is to identify and tag the relevant suppliers in MoneyWorks. This is achieved by using one of the category or custom fields for the tag, and selecting a suitable tag value (such as "TPR").

For example if you elect to use Custom2 and the tag of "TPR", then each supplier that needs to be included in the report should have "TPR" entered into the Custom2 field. We suggest that you label the selected field in the Document Preferences>Fields.

Tip:  If you have a lot of suppliers, highlight them in the list and use the Select>Replace command to bulk update.

The ATO are very specific in the data layout requirements for the report. In particular make sure that in your company details (in Show>Company Details)

  • The ABN Number has no spaces
  • Phone and Fax numbers are of form 01 2345 6789
  • Your suburb is entered into address line 3 of the postal address

For your suppliers, ensure that:

  • The ABN Number has no spaces
  • Phone and Fax numbers are of form 01 2345 6789
  • Their suburb is entered into address line 4 of the mailing address

The following are the valid ATO codes for states:

ACTAustralian Capital Territory
NSWNew South Wales
NTNorthern Territory
SASouth Australia
WAWestern Australia
OTHOverseas addresses

Running the Taxable Payments Report

To run the report:

  1. Choose Reports>Taxable Payments (Aus)

The report settings window will open.

  1. In the Value field, enter the tag value that you have used to identify relevant suppliers

For example, if you tagged the suppliers with "TPR", you would enter "TPR" here.

  1. Select the field that was set to this value from the in field pop-up menu

For example, if you tagged the suppliers in the Custom2 field, you would select Custom2 here.

If you want to create a file to upload to the ATO portal:

  1. Set the Export to ATO option
  1. Enter the Reference and Prepared by values
  1. Select the financial year to run the report
  1. Click Preview (or Print_)

If you are creating a text file for the ATO, you will be prompted for a name and location for the file in the standard File Creation dialog.