Printing Issues

The quality of the output that you will get from printing a particular report or form may very depending on the platform and the type of printer and printer driver you a using. Not all features are supported on all printers—in particular older printers used on Windows machines may not support all the graphics features, or may have insufficient memory to correctly image the page.

Fonts in Reports and Forms

When you design a report or a form, you can specify the font that you want to use. If this report or form is then used on a different computer, that font may not be present. In this case MoneyWorks will warn you, and substitute an alternate font for the missing one at the time of printing.

Note: To stop the missing font message being displayed every time you print or preview the report or form, you should open it and then save it —see Modifying an Existing Report for reports, and Modifying an Existing Form for forms).

Note: The fonts for any reports prepared on the Datacentre server must be installed on the server (a substitution will be made if the font is not present).

Using the Default Printer on Windows

When you print a report or form on Windows, MoneyWorks remembers the printer that it was output to, and will default to the printer the next time you use the report or form. Thus packing slips can always be routed to the warehouse printer, and cheques to the finance printer.

If you do not want this behaviour, you can turn it off by changing the configuration in the Windows registry (using RegEdit). You may also need to do this if a printer gets upgraded/replaced.

  1. Start RegEdit on your computer
  1. Navigate to:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Cognito\MoneyWorks Gold\Preferences

  1. Change the useDefaultPrinter setting from 0 to 1

Change any other settings at your peril.

This only affects the computer on which the change is done.

Report doesn’t Print or Preview

Sometimes due to incompatibilities between printer drivers (especially on Windows), reports won’t print properly or at all. If this happens try the Clear Print Settings button in the Diagnostics .