Adding a custom user interface to your scripts

The scripting that we implemented in MoneyWorks 7 has proven to be immensely beneficial to a large number of users, so in MoneyWorks 8 we decided to incorporate the ability to augment the scripts with your own user-interface windows and elements.

For example, you could build a list window to display a list of properties you own or manage:

And a property entry window, which opens when you create a new property or double click one in the list:

As you can see, the windows can have a full set of controls (check boxes, radio buttons, pop-up menus etc.), as well as entry fields, tabbed areas, image placement and more.

What can be Built

You can design modal and non-modal windows, list windows, floating windows, and can even extend the built-in MoneyWorks windows.

Windows are (normally) based on some data source, which will typically be a MoneyWorks table, but might also be an external SQL database, another MoneyWorks file (using the REST APIs), or even a query on a website.

You can't however alter the basic layout and functioning of the built-in MoneyWorks windows (although you can extend them) as that might break things. But if you don’t like our window, you can with a bit of work (actually quite a lot of work), create your own replacement ones.