MoneyWorks takes great pains to preserve the integrity of your data. However from time to time the unexpected happens. If your document starts behaving oddly, check it out with the diagnostics.

  1. Choose File>Diagnostics

The diagnostics window will open.

  1. Click Start to start the diagnostics

The diagnostics will run—a summary is displayed as the diagnostics progress.

If there is a problem

If a fault is found, please contact Cognito Software technical support to ascertain what (if anything) can be done. Note that you may have to revert to an older backup copy of your file. It is therefore important not to destroy these by taking a backup of the (possibly) damaged file.

Clear Printer Settings

Because MoneyWorks remembers the last printer (and settings) you used for each report/form, it can get confused when you change computers/printers and the drivers are not compatible. Clicking Clear Printer Settings removes all print settings for the document (i.e. for hardcoded “reports” like bank rec summary etc), and may solve driver-induced printing issues.