Invoice/Order Automation

Using MoneyWorks Services, it is possible to automate the entry of supplier invoices and/or customer purchase orders. In essence, the transaction will "just appear" in MoneyWorks without any data entry on your side. Obviously this is a great time (and hence money) saver.

A separate Purchase Order Matching service is available to determine differences in the supplier invoice and the originating order, as well as managing the received quantities on the order.

Two forms or automation are available:

  • eInvoicing: In supported jurisdictions only (sorry North America!) eInvoicing allows you to send an invoice based on the PEPPOL standard. An eInvoice will "just appear" in your customer's accounting system, even if they are not savvy enough to be using MoneyWorks, provided they have also signed for e-invoicing.
  • PDF Scanning: Here a pdf of a supplier invoice, or customer purchase order, is forwarded to a special email address, the PDF deconstructed into its component parts (date, quantities, prices etc) and these are retrieved into MoneyWorks at the click of a button.