Receiving Payment for Sales Invoices

When you issue an invoice, you expect that at some time in the future it will be paid. There are two ways such payments can be handled in MoneyWorks:

  • As a receipt coded against the debtor in question;
  • Using the <EquationVariables>Batch Debtors Receipts</EquationVariables> command. This is the efficient way to enter a large number of receipts at one time.

Note: If the receipt is being made for an already issued invoice, all you need to do is tell MoneyWorks how much of the invoice has been paid. So you are not allocating the receipt to any income accounts; instead you are assigning it to one or more existing invoices.

If you have just one or two invoice receipts to process you can use the receipts entry screen. In general, it is faster to use the Batch Debtors Receipts command.

Note that the Receivables view in the Transaction list shows a complete list of posted invoices that have not been fully paid.