Can see server but connection fails

- Check the firewall on the server

- If you can see the Datacentre service when you connect from a client using the local network browser (Bonjour), but the connection fails, this almost certainly means that the server computer is running a firewall that is blocking access to the service (You can see the service because the firewall is allowing access to standard services such as Bonjour on port 5353). You will need to allow connections to the same ports as for the Remote Connections

Can’t see server in the Local Network Browser (Bonjour)

- Is the service running? Look in the MoneyWorks Datacentre Console on the server.

- Is your client on the same LAN subnet? Bonjour browsing does not normally work across subnets. In this case you would need to use the Manual connection method and type in the server name or address. Also see the note above about server firewall.

- Check the firewall on the server

- Is port 5353 (UDP) blocked by the firewall? This is the multicast DNS port and is required for network browsing.

Can’t connect from a remote client over the internet

- See the Remote Connections section