If You have Problems

We have taken great care to make the software and manual as easy to use as possible. However it may be that in operating MoneyWorks you require additional help. There are several sources available.

On-Line Help

The complete manual is available as searchable on-line help by right-clicking on an object and choosing Help, or by choosing Help on This from the Help menu. Windows users can also press F1. Note that, as this is on-line help, an internet connection is required.

This manual is also available as a pdf by choosing PDF Manual in the Help menu1. Note that the manual is not installed by default, but will offer to install the first time you use it. On Windows you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader or some other PDF reader installed.

  • Windows: If you are in doubt as to the purpose of a particular button, command or field hold the mouse over the object and a brief description will be displayed in the bottom of the MoneyWorks application window. More on-line help is available by pressing F1.
  • Macintosh: If you are in doubt as to the purpose of a particular button, hold down the command key and hover the mouse over the object—after a few seconds a tool tip will be displayed with information about the item. More on-line help is available by right-clicking and choosing Help.

Help Line: Cognito and its distributors provide a Help Line service for registered MoneyWorks users. Use this service if you are having problems setting up or operating MoneyWorks—it does not provide accounting assistance. The service is not available in all countries. For more details go to http://www.cognito.co.nz/support/help.php.

To expedite service, you should have MoneyWorks running on your computer when you make the call. You should state the product you are using (MoneyWorks Cashbook, Express or Gold), the platform (Windows or Macintosh), and give an outline of the problem you are having. You may be asked for the version being used (available in the About MoneyWorks menu item in the Help menu on Windows, or the MoneyWorks menu on Mac). North American and Australian callers should provide their credit card details first.

Consulting Help

There are a number of MoneyWorks consultants who can help if you have problems. The cost varies from consultant to consultant. A list is available at http://www.cognito.co.nz/support/people.php.

1  The manual is not automatically installed, but will be downloaded the first time you use it.