Job Sheet Item Importing

There are no options for job sheet items.

The fields that may require special consideration when importing are outlined below. For a full list of fields see Job Sheet Items.

Job9The job code. It must already exist.
QtyThe quantity of the resource or product used.
Resource15The code for the resource or product. It must already exist.
Units3The units of the resource or product (e.g. Hr, Kg, Km).
DateThe date of the job sheet item,.
CostCentre5The cost centre. If specified it must be a valid Department code.
CostPriceThe cost of the product or resource used (ex GST).
Sell PriceThe anticipated charged value of the product or resource used (ex GST).
StatusMust be "Actual" or "Budget".

Note: As for manual entries in the job sheet, MoneyWorks will make and post a stock requisition journal for any imported job sheet entries whose resource code is that of an inventoried product.