Batch Processing of Sales Orders and Quotes

Sales orders and quotes can be processed individually by opening each one and clicking on the Process icon as described above, or can be batch processed from the list itself. This is analogous to posting transactions.

To Batch Process:

  1. Highlight the sales orders or quotes to be processed

Use the Ctrl/⌘ key to make your selection.

If you are processing Quotes

  1. Choose Command>Accept Quotes as Jobs
  1. Click Create in the confirmation dialog box that is displayed.

A separate job and appropriate budgets will be created for each quote that was selected.

If you are processing Sales Orders

  1. Choose Command>Ship Orders

The Process Orders dialog box will be displayed—see Shipping Goods for details of this. This is used to specify how the order will be transferred into a sale for accounting purposes.

Note: You can only specify the sale type if you are processing a single order. If you are processing more than one order, the sales will be treated as Invoice sales.