Off-Ledger Values

MoneyWorks allows you to store time series (period) information that is not necessarily financial-related. Examples might be average number of staff members per month, working days in a period, consumer price index figures etc.

These values are stored in the “Off-ledger” file, and can be used in reports for showing key performances indicators (KPI) or other derived values.

To view the off-ledger values:

  1. Choose Show>Off-Ledger Values

The Off-Ledger Values list window will open.

To create a new Off-Ledger series:

  1. Choose Edit>New Record, or click the New toolbar button, or press Ctrl-N/⌘-N

The Off-Ledger entry window will be displayed.

  1. Key a unique name (up to 15 characters) into the Name field
  1. Enter a description into the Description field
  1. Enter the actual values per period into the Value column, and budget values into the Budget column
  1. Click OK to save the information


  • Use the Up and Down arrows to move up and down the list
  • Use the keypad-enter key to enter values and move to the next period
  • Future periods for entering budgets can be accessed by scrolling the list up
  • There is only one budget for Off-Ledger items
  • To access an off-ledger value in a report, see GetOffBalance (searchExpression, dateOrPeriod [, doBudget])
  • You can use the Lookup function to access the off-ledger file. The key is a composite of KIND/NAME. User entered data has a kind of “USR”; currency information is also stored here and has kind “CUR”.
  • No audit trail of the Off-ledger is maintained: records can be modified or deleted at will (subject to user privileges).