MoneyWorks REST APIs

The MoneyWorks Datacentre REST API provides a simple, platform-neutral, high performance stateless network interface to MoneyWorks Datacentre. Or, in layman’s terms, using the REST APIs allows you to talk to MoneyWorks over a network (including the internet), direct from your browser or other remote application. MoneyWorks does not need to be running on the device you are using.

As examples of the capabilities of REST, two sample web apps are included with MoneyWorks Datacentre. These run in most browsers (but not ancient versions of Internet Explorer), and hence will run on iPhone, iPad and Android devices, as well as desktop computers. The supplied examples are:

Reports: Allows you to pull up almost any MoneyWorks report, including ones you have designed yourself, onto your mobile device. Reports are secured by standard MoneyWorks report and signing permissions, so only authorised users can access particular reports.

Timer: The job Timer app provides a simple way of recording time and material used on jobs through a mobile device, and is ideal for anyone who needs to record time on jobs, whether outside or inside the office. Any information entered updates the MoneyWorks job system in real time, ready for instant collation and billing. For more information see MoneyWorks Timer App.

These examples are written in Javascript, so can be modified to meet individual needs. They are located in the Webapps/default directory of your Datacentre installation.

The available REST commands roughly parallel those in MoneyWorks Automation (see above), with the addition of:

Post: Post an identified transaction.

DoForm: Prepare a nominated MoneyWorks Form (invoice, statement etc) for selected records;

Image: Retrieve or update a transaction or product image in MoneyWorks.

For more information on the MoneyWorks REST APIs visit:

Note: The MoneyWorks REST services must be turned on in the MoneyWorks Datacentre Console app before you can use the REST APIs. For information on this see the Datacentre Administrators Guide.