Operators are symbols indicating how to combine two values or subexpressions. They include the standard arithmetic operators (+ [addition], - [subtraction], * [multiplication], / [division]); comparison operators (=, <>, <, >, etc...); logical (or Boolean) operators (And, Or, Not); and the parenthesis symbols for indicating precedence.

For example:

Transaction.Gross * 1.5

"Tax Invoice " + Transaction.OurRef

Transaction.DueDate - 5

Field References and Identifiers

Field names are used to include the value of a field in a MoneyWorks record (such as the description field of a transaction record). Identifiers can be used to include the result of another calculation, or the value of a global variable.

For example:




Field names are usually of the form <file name>.<field name>. The transaction fields can also be used without the preceding file specifier. For example, OurRef instead of Transaction.OurRef. In the Advanced Find, the filename is implied, so is not specified.