Analysis Reports

Whenever you enter a transaction into MoneyWorks you are recording more than simple accounting information. For example, if you are using the debtors and product system each sale will record information about what that customer purchased. Over a period of time these transactions will build up, and within MoneyWorks you will have a valuable resource of customer buying habits, product sale patterns and so forth.

This information is not (necessarily) accounting information, but is of great potential value for management and marketing purposes. You can access this information at a simple level by using the Customer and Product sales enquiry screens. Analysis reporting in MoneyWorks offers an even more powerful way of extracting this information.

Analysis reports are quick to set up, and produce what is basically a weighted cross tabulation (cross tab) of selected transaction information. Cross tabs have been used for many years to collate data for decision making purposes.

Some of the more common sorts of analysis (e.g. customer by product, product by customer) come presupplied with MoneyWorks. However you can create your own reports as you need them, and save these for reuse at any time. The sorts of analysis that you can do include (but are by no means limited to):

  • Breakdown of Products Sold by Customer
  • Breakdown of Costs (or Income) by Job
  • Breakdown of Customer Purchases by Period
  • Breakdown of Product Sold by Customer by Period
  • Breakdown of resource use by job
  • Breakdown of resource use over time

Note that you don’t have much control of the layout of an analysis report. If you want more control of the formatting and layout, you can (with a bit more effort) use the Analyse function in a custom report.