Fast and flexible business information software

MoneyWorks® by Cognito Software has the simplicity and features you want, and the power and flexibility you need. You'll get big business capabilities at a small business price.

Free 45-day trial
MoneyWorks accounting in use on a Mac computer
The functionality you need
  • All the usual accounting stuff: Fully integrated Cashbook, General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Budgeting, Fixed Assets
  • All the business stuff: Quoting & Order tracking, Job costing and billing, Inventory with batch/serial number tracking over multiple locations, Multi-Currency, bills of material and more
  • Extensive range of included reports include financial (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow etc), general ledger, sales and purchasing, stock and inventory, receivables and payables, dashboard and executive summary. Plus you can create your own.
  • Comprehensive GST/VAT/HST and Sales Tax tracking and reporting, including online filing in NZ, UK, and Singapore. BAS reporting in Australia
  • Import bank statements from QIF, CSV, OFX, QBO, or on-line bank feeds (where available)
High performance on the platform of your choice

Self hosted or cloud, Windows or Mac, it's your choice.

  • Single user desktop or high performance server with up to 100 users
  • Access your accounts from anywhere with our cloud service or your own self-hosted server
  • Most "cloud" accounting is slow, and your data is locked up in a system you have no control over. MoneyWorks is fast, and your data is yours forever
  • No IT staff required. Click to install. Click to update
  • MoneyWorks runs on any modern Windows or Mac computer
  • Mix Windows and Mac on your network
  • Host in your own office for fastest possible performance, or deploy on a cloud server. Or you can use our MoneyWorks Now cloud service
  • Access logging of who is in your accounts and when
MoneyWorks Datacentre Console window showing Folders tab
The flexibility you didn't know you needed
  • Native app runs directly on your computer rather than being stuck in a web browser page
  • Easily access historical data with on screen lists and powerful search
  • Use the powerful enquiry screens and analytics to drill down and understand your sales, purchasing and accounting data
  • Customise list views — display the information you need to see. Add fields from the database or your own calculations and lookups
  • Powerful multi-level general ledger and cost-centre/departmental subledgers
  • Protect sensitive data with security levels and user privileges
MoneyWorks Navigator and transaction list windows
  • Report writer: Every business is different. The report writer allows you to dig deep not just on your accounting information, but business operational information as well. Output to screen, PDF, print, HTML, Excel, Word, Numbers, Pages, Email, Clipboard
  • Incredibly flexible output for business forms such as invoices, purchase orders and statements - multi-page, multi-section - PDF - email
  • Send email directly, or create messages in your desktop mail client (Mail, Outlook etc)
MoneyWorks forms editor window
  • Easy data manipulation. Copy and paste records
  • Mac 64-bit Intel/Apple Silicon native for highest performance
  • Windows Server is 64-bit. MoneyWorks Gold 64 or 32-bit
  • Database file management. Your database is one MoneyWorks file: easy to back-up, take a copy, clone (for a new company), or roll back changes
MoneyWorks navigator window on Windows 11 showing Day-to-day view
  • Not just an app: also a development platform. Extensive customisation via easy-to-learn yet very powerful built-in scripting language
  • Many built-in functions including local file access, CURL, XML, JSON, SMTP, Regex, database access, and UI manipulation
  • Customise UI and automate processes
  • Apply business rules specific to your business
  • Create custom user interface controls
  • Add controls/web pages to standard windows
  • Server REST API for web-based automation
  • Applescript and Visual Basic support for desktop automation
MoneyWorks script editor window
  • Services — Opt-in modules supporting third-party services, allowing you to choose additional features that you find useful, including:
    • Bank Feeds (currently in NZ and Aus; charges apply)
    • Invoice Automation. Have pdf supplier invoices and/or customer purchase orders directly entered into MoneyWorks with no re-keying.
    • eInvoicing Approved NZ
    • e-Invoicing. Send and receive invoices electronically using the international PEPPOL standard (NZ, Aus, UK, Singapore).
    • eCommerce integrations: BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Shopify
  • Roll your own integration with extensive interoperability capabilities
  • Purchase perpetual license with first year of updates included free. Low-cost maintenance option to keep you up to date thereafter
  • Alternatively, subscribe monthly for no up-front cost. Get all updates included. Cloud subscription also available
  • Multi-company at no extra cost. Some accounting software will make you pay again and again for every entity you set up. MoneyWorks allows unlimited entities.
  • Entry-level options if you don't yet need everything that MoneyWorks Gold has to offer

So much more: see the full feature set for more information on functionality and see License Options for pricing information.

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MoneyWorks Subscriptions

MoneyWorks Subscriptions

With MoneyWorks, you have the choice of buying a licence, or subscribing to one, or a combination of both.

MoneyWorks subscriptions enable you to pay a low, monthly fee for continued use of MoneyWorks. Here's how it works:

  1. Create or login to your MoneyWorks account
  2. Register your Visa/Mastercard credit or debit card details1
  3. Choose the product to which you wish to subscribe
  4. Agree to the Terms and Conditions
  5. Your credit card will be charged for the first month's subscription, and a MoneyWorks activation code will be sent to you
  6. Every month from that date, your credit card will be automatically charged for the next month's subscription.
  7. To modify or suspend the subscription, simply log into your MoneyWorks account

A subscription will cover any updates and upgrades released while the subscription is current, but does not include support (which will be charged separately).

Note that, with subscriptions, MoneyWorks will occasionally check back to our server to check your subscription status. For this reason you need to have internet access every ten days or so.

If you suspend your subscription, or otherwise don't pay, your MoneyWorks will stop working. Simply renew the subscription for continued access.

See subscription pricing >

1Your credit card details are held securely by our payment gateway supplier, DPS.

MoneyWorks Subscriptions

Subscription Options and Pricing

The following products are available for subscription. Prices are in NZD per month

MoneyWorks Cashbook$NZD 0.00
MoneyWorks Express$NZD 27.50
MoneyWorks Gold$NZD 42.90
MoneyWorks Datacentre Single Company File
    Single User$NZD 60.50
    Additional Concurrrent User$NZD 24.20
MoneyWorks Datacentre Multi-Company File
    Single User$NZD 75.90
    Additional Concurrrent User$NZD 24.20

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