Appendix A—Field Descriptions

This appendix gives descriptions of the field names that you will see in the Find and Sort dialog boxes, as well as when you import or prepare an analysis report. The field and file names are also accessible from external scripts. A simplified schema is shown at Schema.

The letter after the field name denotes the type of the field, viz:

A   Alphanumeric. These fields are like Text fields except that they are fixed-length and cannot be "wildcard" searched.
BBoolean. The value for a boolean field is always "True" or "False"
DA date. Dates are entered in the form 'DD/MM/YY'. E.g. '21/2/68'
SDate and time (cannot be searched by equality operator)
TText. Text fields can be "wildcard" searched using the "@" character.

The number after T and A type fields is the maximum length of the field.

The internal name is the name to use in referencing the file from external scripts. The names of indexed fields are in bold

Note:  Changes to the schema introduced in MoneyWorks 8 are shown in this form of highlighted text.

Note on UserNum and UserText fields

A number of tables have had these fields added. These are for your own use, and can be accessed using a script or through importing. For example, if you are importing transactions from some other system and want to store that system's id for the transaction, then the transaction.usernum or transaction.usertext field could be a good place.

Note on the TaggedText field

The TaggedText that has been added to many of the tables is for storing key-value pairs, and should only be accessed using the special routines in mwScript.