Using the Navigator

Each section is divided into a number of panels.

  • Click on a panel in the sidebar to select it;
  • To move to the panel above or below, press the left or right arrow key respectively;
  • The panels in the Navigation section are numbered starting from 0. Pressing 0 will take you to the Day-to-Day panel, 1 to the one below that and so forth;
  • Click on the disclosure control preceding the section name to show/hide the topics in that section;
  • Click on an icon on panel to perform some operation—often this will take you to the relevant MoneyWorks list and a coach tip will appear to coach you on what to do next. Coach tips disappear as soon as you click anywhere or type anything—you do not need to click on the coach tip itself to dismiss it.
  • Hold the mouse over an icon to see more information about that function. If there is a keyboard shortcut for the function that will also be displayed.

Tip: You can make the Navigator the front window from almost anywhere in Moneyworks by pressing Ctrl-0/⌘-0 (zero)

Many Navigator icons/buttons give access to MoneyWorks Lists —see Working with Lists. Such icons are usually shown with a small blue + icon attached at the bottom, right corner:

  • To display the list, click the list icon itself
  • To add a new record to the list, click the associated blue + icon.