MoneyWorks Security

In MoneyWorks Gold/Datacentre you can:

  • Set up multiple user names, each with its own password and privileges. People can only access your accounts if they have a user name and password. Their privileges control what types of data and what MoneyWorks functions they can access.
  • Allow only specified users to access nominated reports and forms (invoices, purchase orders etc) by the use of Signing , and, in reports, by the Check Privilege control.
  • Set up roles, each role having its own set of privileges. You then assign a user to a role, and they will get the privileges given to that role. For example, you might have a role called "Payables", and you would assign this role to each member of your accounts payable team.
  • Set up Security Levels on your general ledger accounts and users, so that users cannot access certain accounts (and transactions) unless they have the required security level.