1099 Forms (US)

A template 1099 form is included as a MoneyWorks statement. This calculates all (posted) payments made in the calendar year, and puts the total into box 3. To print the 1099:

  1. In the Names list, highlight those vendors/suppliers who require a 1099

You can use one of the category fields to easily identify who needs a form (e.g. put “1099” into Category4 on the name record, then search for Category4 is 1099).

  1. Choose Command>Print Statements
  1. Select the “1099 Form (US)” in the Use Form popup list

If you need to amend the form (tweak the alignment or layout), you can at this point open the form in the Forms Designer by clicking the Layout button, followed by the Edit this form in the Forms Designer button.

  1. Enter the last day of the calendar year for which you are preparing the form in the Statement Date field

This should always be 31st December. The form will print for all payments made from the 1st January of that year to the date specified.

  1. Click Print (or Preview) to print the forms (one page per supplier)