Viewing Transaction Lines

A single transaction might be made up of one or more lines (termed “Detail Lines”). When you look at the transaction list you see the transaction header information, not the information on the detail lines (double-clicking a transaction will show you these).

There is a separate list in MoneyWorks Gold that shows the details lines (and associated transaction header information). To access this list:

  1. Chose Show>Detail Line Items or press Ctrl-Shift-T/⌘-Option-T

The Detail Line Items list will be displayed.

This shows every line of every transaction; system lines (which don’t show in transactions) will have the account code displayed in italics.

If you select the By Item view, only those lines that use items will be displayed.

The list can be customised, sorted, printed etc. in the normal way —see Working with Lists; double-clicking a line will show the originating transaction.