Building Products

You can set up a product that can be manufactured from a set of components, known as a recipe or a bill of materials —see If you manufacture it. The components themselves must be stocked or purchased items. You can then manufacture the product either automatically whenever it is sold —see Auto-Build Whenever Necessary, or by using the Build Product command.

When a product is built, the stock level of any inventoried components is reduced, and the stock level of the item itself is increased. This is accomplished by means of a Make journal, which is created automatically.

To build a product using the Build Products command:

  1. Choose Command>Build Product

The Build Products window will be displayed:

  1. Enter the code of the item to be built and push tab

The maximum quantity of the item that can be built without putting any of the components out of stock will be calculated and displayed, along with the component parts that limit the production to this amount.

If you elect to build more items than the maximum quantity, one or more of the components will go into negative inventory.

  1. Enter the quantity to build, and click the Build button

The Build Products window will close and a Make journal will be created and posted to build the specified quantity of the product.