The Multi-currency feature of MoneyWorks Gold allows for purchasing and sales to be made and tracked in more than one currency, and for bank accounts and accounts receivable/payable to be held in a currency other than the local one.

The steps for setting up multi-currency are simple:

  • Enable multi-currency (it is off by default);
  • Specify the new currency to use;
  • Create the general ledger control accounts needed for the currency);
  • Create any customers or suppliers that you deal to in the new currency;

Setting up Multi-Currency

Multi-currency is turned off by default and needs to be enabled.

  1. Choose Edit>Document Preferences

The Document Preferences window will open

  1. Click on the Locale/Currency tab
  1. Turn on the Use multiple currencies in this document option
  1. Select your base currency (i.e. your local currency) from the menu.
  1. Click OK

Note: Once you have created a currency, you will not be able to turn off the Use multiple currencies option.