Names Importing

To view or set the Name import options click the Options button in the Import Field Order window. Note that Mac users can import their Mac Address Book directly using the File>Import>Address Book command.

Update if Exists:

If you set this option, MoneyWorks will update the data for any records whose code matches the code of the record being imported. Only imported fields are updated—default values and Work-it-Out values will be updated only if the Set this field when updating existing records as well option is set — see Update if exists.

If this option is off, then MoneyWorks will report an error if the code for a record being imported matches that of an existing record.

This feature could be used to update customer address lists from an external database.

Name Field Descriptions

The following Names fields need special consideration when importing. For a complete list of fields, see Names.

Code11Unique code to identify debtor or creditor. Can be set to "Work it Out" to create a unique name code based on the current settings for Code Assignment for New Names in the Terms panel of the Document preferences
CustomerType10 for not a customer, 1 for customer, 2 for debtor
SupplierType10 for not a supplier, 1 for supplier, 2 for creditor
DebtorTermsThe payment terms for a debtor. A positive number N, denotes N days. A negative number -N, denotes Nth day of month following.
CreditorTermsThe payment terms for a creditor. Settings as for DebtorTerms.
Hold0 = Not hold, 1 = Hold. This corresponds to the Hold check box for debtors.
CreditLimitCredit limit for a debtor
RecAccount7Accounts Receivable control account for a debtor.
PayAccount7Accounts Payable control account for a creditor.