Migrating a MoneyWorks Document into the MoneyWorks Now cloud

First, you will need a MoneyWorks Now hosting account, which will be attached to your email address. Contact Cognito to obtain this.

If you are a new user you will create and set up a company accounts document on your local computer (this can be done with the MoneyWorks Gold trial1). When you are ready to have it hosted and shared, you will upload it to your MoneyWorks Now hosting account.

If you are an existing user migrating to the cloud you won't need to create a new file.

  1. Open the document you wish to upload to MoneyWorks Now and ensure your company has a name under Show > Company Details.

Note:  This must be a unique name. You cannot have two data files with the same company name.

  1. Choose File>Users and Security
  1. If not already password-protected, click Password-protect “your document name”.

The Password Control window will open. You need to be an admin user for the document to access this command. If you are just now enabling password protection, then you will be the Master Admin user with default username "Admin".

  1. Ensure that the Admin user has a password and fill in your email address (which is your previously-created MoneyWorks Now account name).
  1. Click OK.

  1. Click Upload to Server

You will be asked to log in to MoneyWorks Now.

  1. Ensure the I have a MoneyWorks Now account option is on, and fill in your MoneyWorks Now account name and password.

  1. Click Log In

A list of your hosting locations will be displayed (usually only one, unless you're an accountant).

Don't see any hosting locations?

1. Have you set up hosting with Cognito?

2. Have you activated your hosting by clicking the link in your hosting confirmation email?

  1. Select the hosting location in the list and click Log in

Your document (and its MoneyWorks Custom Plug-Ins folder, if one is present), will be uploaded to the server. MoneyWorks Now login access to the document is automatically granted to you. You can now invite others to access the document.

Make sure you close and archive the document you have just uploaded to ensure you or your other users, if any, do not accidentally open and work on this local document. You may also wish to delete the MoneyWorks recent document list to ensure you do not accidentally open the old document. Choose File > Open Recent > Clear Menu to do this.

1  If you are using a MoneyWorks Gold trial to set up your accounts file, you must upload your file within 45 days (or 99 opens, whichever comes first) of the file creation. After this point the trial copy will only be able to open the file directly as read-only. The trial will be able to fully access hosted MoneyWorks Now files.