1. On the server, double-click the MoneyWorks Datacentre Console icon in Applications (macOS) or in Program Files\MoneyWorks Datacentre\ (Windows)
  1. On Mac you will need to authenticate as an Administrator by clicking the lock icon and entering the password for your user account.

On Windows you may need to Run as Administrator (if you do not, and you are logged in without Administrator privileges, you will be invited to reopen the Console app with Administrator privileges)

  1. Type a name for your Datacentre server in the Server Name field.

By default, the server name is Datacentre. This is the name advertised on Bonjour, and will also be used for the name of the folder into which custom plugins folders are downloaded to clients.

You should give your Datacentre server a unique name. (e.g. XYZ Corp Datacentre).

If you are a MoneyWorks consultant/support provider we strongly advise that you give each Datacentre you install a unique name. This will have the effect of keeping custom plugins downloaded from each site separate on your client computer.

  1. Enter your Datacentre Serial number in the Serial No. field. Your Datacentre serial number looks like:


(C represents your country code, and the N's are digits. The third letter will be a 'D'). Note: The code in a retail box may begin with ACT—If you have an ACT code, type it in and click Fetch Serial Number to fetch your serial number from the Cognito activation server.

  1. If you have a user key to extend the number of concurrent users, type it into the User Key field. User Keys look like:


The nn part specifies the number of additional concurrent users.

  1. Enter email addresses for technical and billing contacts.

Cognito will email the admin contact address with notification of software updates.

Your server will email low disk space warnings or backup failure notifications to the admin contact address.

Cognito will email annual maintenance fee invoices to the billing contact address.

Note: The MoneyWorks Datacentre Console is a program that configures and starts or stops MoneyWorks Datacentre—the Console application is not the server. Closing the Console application will not stop the server.


On Windows, the installer will add MoneyWorks Datacentre to the Firewall exceptions list automatically.