Using This Guide

The MoneyWorks User Guide is divided into chapters that correspond to the main functional areas of MoneyWorks, for example Debtors, Cash Transactions, Entry Windows. To find information on a specific topic, use the Index or the Table of Contents.

New features and changes made for MoneyWorks 9 are highlighted in the same manner as this paragraph.

Note:  The first sections of this manual covers aspects that are common to all MoneyWorks products (MoneyWorks Cashbook, Express, Gold/Datacentre). Subsequent sections cover the additional features of MoneyWorks Gold (although Express users may need to refer to the sections on Analysis Reports, Forms Design and Importing/Exporting).

Conventions used in this Guide

Cross reference links are generally of the form “Privileges & Multi-user”. Clicking on the link will take you to the section.

Button names, field names and command names are shown with each word italicised, as in “click the Info button”.

Instructions which involve the use of a menu are given as “Choose Edit>Copy”, where Copy is a command which is under the Edit menu. For hierarchical menus the instructions are given in the form “Choose File>New>New Report”, where “New Report” is a hierarchical menu in “New item of the “File” menu.

In examples, text that you type is shown inside double quotation marks (“like this”). Don’t type the quotation marks.

Differences within the MoneyWorks product range

Not all parts of this manual are applicable to all members of the MoneyWorks product range. In this situation, this is clearly indicated, e.g.

Not Cashbook—indicates the feature is not available for MoneyWorks Cashbook (but will be for Express and Gold);

Gold Only—indicates the feature is only available in MoneyWorks Gold/Datacentre.