Upgrading a Datacentre

On Windows, Datacentre 9 requires a 64-bit Windows OS. Please make sure your Windows is 64-bit before installing v9. Type System Information in the Windows search box, and open the matching app. Then look for System Type in the System Summary. It should say x64-based PC. If it says X86-based PC, you have a 32-bit Windows version.

  • If your Datacentre is on subscription (serial number has an R as the second letter), there is nothing much to do. Upgrading to v9 from v8 is the same as updating to any point release using Check Now in the Updates tab of the Console.
  • If your Datacentre is on maintenance (serial number has an 8 as the second character), you will receive a new serial number (with a 9 in the second place). Enter your new Datacentre 9 serial number into the Serial Number field, then click on the Updates tab and click Check Now. Install the update.

File conversion from v7

If upgrading from v7, once installed, open the MoneyWorks Datacentre Console application, select the Folders tab, and click “Upgrade Files to v9”. This will convert files to v9 format. This may take some time if you have large files. Please be patient.

On successful conversion. the file extension (if any) will be .moneyworks. The old file will be renamed with”(archived)”. Files with “(archived)” in the name will no longer be considered for conversion. You can remove these archived files if you wish. The server will no longer access them.

File conversion from v8

Nothing to do. Databases will be upgraded the first time they are opened.