Departmental Accounts

Departments are one way that MoneyWorks Gold provides to simplify your account codes. Although not applicable to every user, they can be extremely useful in the right situation, typically where there are a number of entities that have a similar cost and/or revenue structure.

Departments can also simplify reporting. Most reports in MoneyWorks can be printed for the entire company or for just selected departments.

Examples of using departments:

  • You run a fleet of vehicles, and want to track the revenue and operating costs per vehicle;
  • You have a shop with a number of branches, and want to monitor the profitability of each shop, as well as the consolidated profitability;
  • You are a builder who has a number of large projects per year, and need to track their expenses against budget;
  • You want to monitor the costs (and possibly the revenue) associated with individual staff members;
  • You are an entity that is organised around departments (e.g. a school with departments for English, Maths, French etc.)