Installing MoneyWorks

When you purchase MoneyWorks you will be sent an email with your serial number on it and a download link. If you need to reinstall later, you can request a new installer from http://www.cognito.co.nz/download.php — once installed, the downloaded copy will activate when you enter your serial number. Make sure you request the correct version, as a MoneyWorks 8 serial number will not activate a MoneyWorks Gold 9, and nor will a MoneyWorks Cashbook serial activate a Gold.

Installation is platform dependent, and requires at least 30MB of free disk space.

After installation it is important not to move MoneyWorks from the installed location, as the Internet Software Update system requires the application to be just where the installer puts it.

Windows Installation

The MoneyWorks installer will create a folder called MoneyWorks Gold ( or MoneyWorks Express or MoneyWorks Cashbook, depending on your product) onto your computer, with the program and support files in it. By default this will be in the C:\Program Files directory.

  1. Double-click the downloaded Install MoneyWorks xxx.exe file (where xxx is Gold, Express, or Cashbook, depending on the product you are installing).

The MoneyWorks install window will open.

  1. Follow the instructions on the screen

When installation is completed, a shortcut is installed in the Start>Programs menu, allowing easy access to MoneyWorks from the Start menu.

Macintosh Installation

MoneyWorks will be installed in the /Applications folder.

  1. Double click the downloaded MoneyWorks Installer package and follow the steps displayed on your screen

When installation is completed, you can start MoneyWorks from your Applications folder.