Creating a Record “On the Fly”

Sometimes when you are entering transactions you might find that the customer, supplier, product or account code that you need does not exist. In this situation you can easily create the item then and there.

To create an item “on the fly”:

  1. Enter a code for the item and press tab, or just tab out of the field

The code that you enter should be one that does not already exist, so the choices list will be displayed. If the code you entered does already exist the details of the item will be displayed—you should shift-tab back into the field and enter a new code.

  1. Click the New toolbar button or press Ctrl-N/⌘-N

The entry screen for the item that you are creating will be displayed.

  1. Fill out the details of the item and click OK

The new item will be created and the details will be displayed.If you Cancel out of the item window the item will not be created.