Specifying locations on transactions

To purchase into a location, or sell from a location, the location needs to be specified in the location field of the transaction entry screen, as shown below.

The location of each item is specified in the Location column. In this example the first item is being taken from New York, and the second from the default location.

Notes on Location tracking

  • When entering a transaction, MoneyWorks will remember the last location code that you typed in, and use this as the default on all further transactions (until it is changed again). This behaviour can be modified using mwScript.
  • When entering a sales order, the SOH (or Avail) column shows the stock on hand (or available) at the designated location.
  • The main location will not have a location code (just leave the Location field blank). Thus you can start using the MoneyWorks inventory system from a single location without location tracking, and when you turn location tracking on you just need to add the new location(s).
  • The stock on hand at each location can be seen on the Inventory tab of the product record.
  • A given product code will always have the same average unit value across all locations. Thus if I have one unit of item “X” with a value of $10 in location “A”, and I buy 1 more “X” for location “B” at $12, I will have a total of 2 items in stock with a value of $22. The average unit value of “X”, and hence the value of the item in location “A”, is therefore $11.
  • Products that are set to Autobuild will be built out of components taken from the same location as the autobuilt product. Thus if, on one sales transaction, you have autobuilt items coming from different locations, each product may trigger an autobuild for each specified location (and any inventoried components will be taken out of each location's stock).
  • Negative stock is allowed in any (or all) locations.
  • If you inadvertently post a transaction that has the wrong location, you can either correct the transaction (by Cancel and Duplicate), or use a stock transfer journal. For example the following corrects the receipt of 2 items that were incorrectly receipted into PARIS when they should have been receipted into NY:
  • If you are using the job system, an additional location field is displayed in both the job sheet entry window and the time sheet entry.
  • To view the stock levels or values by all or nominated location use the Stock by Location report. This can list up to 20 locations across the page, which is great if you who have the eyesight of an eighteen year old.