Modifying an Existing Report

To modify an existing report, you need to open it. This can be done by either:

  1. Choose File>Open or press Ctrl-O/⌘-O

The standard File Open dialog box is displayed. You need to use this to locate and open the report.

or: Choose Reports>Index to Reports, click on the report you wish to open and click the Open button

or: Hold the Shift key down, and select the report in the Reports menu

or: if the report has been opened recently, choose File>Open Recent

The report layout is opened.

Saving a Report

  1. Choose File>Save Report or press Ctrl-S/⌘-S

If you are modifying an existing report, it will be saved (the default location is the reports folder in your MoneyWorks Custom Plug-ins folder).

If this is a new report the standard Save dialog box is displayed—you need to name the report and choose where to save it. Customised reports should be saved in the Reports folder in the Custom Plug-ins folder.

  1. Type in the name of the report and click Save

The report will be saved.

Saving a Copy of a Modified Report

  1. Choose File>Save Report As

This creates a new report document, which you will need to name.

Saving as a sidebar list report

To have a report appears in a list sidebar, the report needs to be saved into a specially named folder in the custom reports folder. The folder has the same name as the MoneyWorks internal name of the list —see Appendix A—Field Descriptions, prefixed by a tilde ~. The folders are:

Folder NameList
~JobSheetJob Sheet Items

Note that, although it is intended that such reports should work on a selection of records in the list, any report can in fact appear in the sidebar. However sidebar reports will not appear in your Reports menu or the Index to Reports.