Change History for 8.0.7

Bug fixes and additional scripting functionality
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30 Aug 2017

Notice for Datacentre clients: We’ve issued a Datacentre 8.0.8 update to address some problems with client updates that were present in Datacentre 8.0.7. If your server is running Datacentre 8.0.7, please ask your server administrator to update it to 8.0.8.

  • Fixed Batch/Serial entry from the serial picker (broken in 8.0.6)
  • Transaction type toolbar icon width is scaled properly o Windows HiDPI
  • Optimised drawing of editable lists (in general, but partcularly helps when carat is being animated on Mac)
  • Disable Customise List View in Product Inventory Location list because it is not customisable
  • Additional validation of per-user preferences that may have been corrupted on upgrade
  • MYOB AO export file modified to pick up the accountant codes for the departmentalised accounts
  • Mac alerts will no longer risk a stale disconnect if the server stale client timeout is set to a minute—you shouldn’t do that anyway
  • Fixed truncation of overlong unicode input
  • Fixed Document Preferences glitch when the previously-set WIP account no longer exists
  • Prevent changing or deleting an in-use default WIP account code
  • Scripting: Approvedby1 and approvedby2 fields are now script-mutable
  • Scripting: Scripts may now mutate UserNum, UserText, TaggedText, ApprovedBy1 and ApprovedBy2 in Posted transactions. Alos, setting values for these fields via WriteCurrentRecordForWindow in the Validate handler will force an After phase and saving of the record even if no other fields have been modified.
  • Added serialTrackingEnabled global variable
  • Added detailDateColumnEnabled global variable
  • Scripting: User entry window overlay now properly sets the width of the window
  • Scripting: User entry window now receives ItemHit messages
  • Scripting: Fixed parsing of multiple safe paths in the preferences
  • Scripting: GetFieldValue now returns the current URL from webview
  • Scripting: Fixed an issue with programmatically filling in a serial number from an ExitedCell handler
  • Scripting: UserLoggedIn handlers no longer called twice when opening a local document
  • Improve login performance for MWNow servers
  • Bill Job: job sheet items with zero sell price were not getting correct qty sign
  • Transaction Search Box: Now supports detail full text (not just description)
  • MWNow handles uploading of new files better when the filename contains punctuation characters
  • Product list sell price was not rendering correctly on Datacentre for European number formats
  • Fix posting crash with 31 character product codes
  • Purging: Count of number of transactions not processed for GST no longer includes orders
  • Forms Designer: Fixed wiping of font styles when adding sections
  • Forms Designer: Can no longer delete every section in a form (which would crash)
  • Replace command now works for Name.Colour
  • Fixed stability problems with pasting accounts from clipboard
  • Stocktake: When stocktake adjusts serialised stock to zero, the inventory records are now deleted. If you have serial or batch items showing with zero stock, just start and stop a stocktake to get rid of them.
  • Scripting: Fixed crash associated with imported images in a picture object
  • Transacton Entry: Long tax codes(> 3) are no longer truncated
  • Fixed crash when shipping Sales order with locations
  • Fixed a resource leak when serverside reporting aborts include unposted
  • Can now convert v6 files directly
  • Fixed random crashing after importing transactions via import map (8.0.4 bug)
  • Deleting contact 1 and/or 2 now clears those contact fields in the Name record
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