Change History for 9.1.3

9 Mar 2023

MacOS Sierra users — important notice: v9.1.3 drops supports for macOS Sierra (10.12). This is because Apple has dropped build support from the current macOS SDK. If you are still running macOS Sierra, you must update your Mac before updating MoneyWorks. MoneyWorks 9.1.3 will not install on macOS Sierra. System Requirements page


  • Support for new NZ IRD login requirements
  • Processing and printing a selection of sales orders now prints all of the resulting invoices, rather than just the first one
  • When connected to a server, detect when power is removed from a Windows laptop after the lid is closed and gracefully disconnect before WiFi access is lost (thus preventing a disconnection error and diagnostic dump when the laptop wakes up). If ethernet is pulled as well as power, quietly quit without trying to gracefully disconnect.
  • Stability improvement to autocomplete when there are problems with the autocomplete data
  • Duplicate Help menu items in App menu on Mac now enabled for Cashbook/Express
  • Fixed a hard failure (trans_mismatch) importing bad XML data with the post option enabled
  • Document and Custom Plugins paths are now shown in posix format in the Mac Navigator
  • Click to reveal document or plugins folder in Navigator now works if the path contains a ~ (such as iCloud folder path)
  • Fix VBA access to DoReport, ImportText and ImportFile, which a recent Office update on Windows appears to have broken
  • Reference number increment now works with and preserves a fixed non-numeric suffix on the reference number
  • Diagnostic UTF-8 reconvert no longer complains about longer tax codes
  • Fixed entity-encoding of quotes and apostrophes when exporting to XML
  • Job codes > 7 chars now increment properly
  • Fixed errors due to lack of a temp directory on a misconfigured RDP server
  • Updating a Job via import no longer requires that the client code be supplied in the import


  • Updated the Timer web app to use IndexedDB instead of WebSQL
  • Improve server stability in the face of unexpected OS/network errors receiving SSL traffic
  • Restarting the service while transmitting data to REST clients will now wait for the data transmission to complete (up to 20 seconds) before actually restarting
  • Server disk space warning is no longer dependent on midnight restart being enabled (but still happens once a day at midnight)
  • Verbose logging being left on now generates a server alert email overnight. Don’t leave verbose logging on. Never turn it on unless Cognito support asks you to
  • The server will no longer fall back to a free TCP port if the main configured service ports are not available at startup (specifically the login, update, and REST ports — usually 6699, 6700 and 6710 respectively), since these ports are often the destination of port forwarding. Additionally, the server will retry the ports at startup if they are unexpectedly busy due to the OS not releasing them in a timely manner after a service restart (this seems to be an issue with macOS servers)
  • Include REST request time and folder username in standard log entry for metering REST load per folder
  • HTTP server now respects the Connection: close header to proactively close the connection rather than needing the client to close it
  • Main log file now cleans CRs out of the config file dump on Mac for easier parsing
  • Fixed a potential failure to deliver custom plugins from the server (when the adler32 checksum of the folder happens to be zero — a 1 in 4294967296 chance)
  • Fixed XML Payment-on-Invoice importing when server locale number format decimal point character is not “.”


  • Find All in Script Editor
  • The default location for files created by scripts is now a folder named Automation Files in the MoneyWorks Appdata/Application Support folder, instead of Desktop/MoneyWorks Automation. If the latter already exists, then it will continue to be used. It will still be the case that the first folder listed in the Safe Paths preference will be used for such files, but it will now only be used if it is valid (i.e. exists). The list of safe paths will be searched to find the first valid/extant folder. If there are no valid safe paths in the preferences, then Automation Files in the app support folder will be used, thus removing the issue of script output file creation failing due to misconfigured preferences
  • The Help → Support Info submenu now has a command to show the Automation Files folder. This will show whichever folder will be used by scripts for creating files specified by name only (no path or metapath)
  • Improve behaviour of Navigator function revl instruction
  • Script runtime exceptions now log script name as well as line number
  • InsertListObject/SetListContents now scrolls the list back to the top if the new content is shorter than the current scroll position
  • Fixed a crash in the order processing dialog when scripting invisible controls that should not be scripted
  • Fixed redraw when changing Z-order of popup-menus in UI editor
  • Support case-insensitive regex with prefix (?i)
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