Change History for 9.1.5

September 2023


  • 9.1.5r1: fix field size and tab display glitch on product entry screen in Gold
  • 9.1.5r2: fix field size glitch caused by the above fix
  • Set sidebar colour in Document Preferences to help visually differentiate different companies
  • Auto-balance general journals. Just click the debit or credit footer total to automatically add a balancing line to the journal
  • Optionally record debtor overpayments as a debit/credit note pair for cases where GST/VAT needs to be recorded for overpayments
  • Adding a debtor or creditor code to an existing unposted receipt or payment now offers the option of converting it to a payment on invoice
  • Libraries of list views: You can now store multiple customised list views and recall them from the list toolbar
  • Product BOM now also shows replacement cost of parts, because inflation
  • Copy/Paste list view is now in the Customise List View window
  • Due date calculation: for day of month following terms: If the day of month is greater that the number of days in the month following, then the calculated due date will now be no more than the number of days in the month. Therefore you can now use 31st of month following as effectively end of following month. Prior to this, 31st of month following would be 1st of subsequent month if the following month only had 30 days
  • Date picker no longer pops up in a newly instantiated window just because a date field happens to have initial focus
  • Check new user initials are not duplicate of existing user
  • Save a Copy now requires Save and Backup privileges
  • Security hardening of the reference number service
  • Support for future Apple changes to Apple Silicon runtime model and API changes
  • Notepad2 log reader is now signed (Windows)
  • Restored missing Asset Register submenu on Windows
  • Calculated columns now have the currency field always available to a format expression
  • Auto-build from a Sales Order now uses the invoice date, not the order date for the build
  • Asset register: fixed a case of wrong Depreciation calculation on DV method
  • Trial Balance report control issue
  • The default stock journal filter (for new documents) now includes stocktake journals. You can update an existing filter by adding or OurRef=`JT@` to the search
  • Price List report now uses the new names for Product.BuyTaxCodeOverride/SellTaxCodeOverride introduced in 9.1.4r2
  • VAT Guide SA: Was using invalid taxrate.taxpaid field
  • Reorder Products now pre-excludes processed orders, improving performance when there are many processed orders


  • Finalise GST with cash sales on invoice basis is now much faster over a network
  • Loading and saving bank reconciliations is faster
  • Non-default Archive location now works properly on Mac servers
  • Backup hourly throttle now works properly
  • Rebooting a Mac server should no longer give spurious alerts about disk space and backup locations
  • More informative error message when a database fails to open
  • Fixed REST import error message formatting
  • Serverside image recompression is now asynchronous
  • Increased default socket timeout
  • HTTP requests to HTTPS endpoint now only have one log entry instead of two
  • HTTP(S) servers now impose a 15 second Keep-Alive timeout rather than waiting forever for clients that never close the connection
  • Network error recovery is now on by default
  • Reconnection allowance for clients that get a network error now only made for actual logins, not internet noise
  • Reconnection allowance for clients that get a network error no longer made during server shutdown
  • Windows logs now get a new creation time when they are created (work around MS filesystem tunnelling)
  • Ability to limit log rotation rate (manual setting in conf file)
  • Multiple stale connections are now cleaned up faster


  • ChangePrimaryKeyCode function. Currently implements the ability to change tax codes
  • REST/CLI doform search parameter was failing for multi-field searches since 9.1.1
  • ReadCurrentRecordForWindow now clears tag pseudofields when stepping through a selection
  • Electing to edit a script when a runtime error occurs will now only disable the script if you hold down the Control key
  • Find All in script editor navigation to found text now works on 64-bit Windows
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