Change History for 9.1.2

Bug fixes

For more extensive changes for Dec 2022 in 9.1.1 see Change History for 9.1.1


  • Fixed a potential crash when closing the Preview window on Mac (9.1.1 bug)
  • Fix drill down from transaction line item to Job not initialising job entry window properly (and potentially crashing on Windows)


  • Fixed Mac Datacentre false alarm alerts for Backup and Archive paths outside the server’s home directory on some versions of macOS
  • Repair blank document root path condition on Mac server

Scripting and Automation

  • Updated Type Library format for COM/OLE support for 64-bit Office on Windows (with 64-bit MoneyWorks Gold). Previously only 32-bit Office was supported.
  • Fixed potential crash responding to VBS request with a bad type (Windows)
  • Fixed potential crash in scripted edit list on Ventura when the script triggers a progress dialog while building the list


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