MoneyWorks® Express

With all the features of MoneyWorks Cashbook, plus receivables and payables, MoneyWorks Express is the ideal accounting solution for the smaller business that aims to grow.

Just $NZD 495.00, or subscribe from $NZD 27.50/month

Accounts receivable

Manage your receivables

Accounts receivable

Generate invoices and statements. Monitor amounts owing and get notfications of overdues.

Custom forms designer

Create eye-catching invoices, statements, PO's, mailing labels & remittance forms.

Fast, efficient data entry

Control your payables

Accounts payable

Full payments history, as well as automatic notification when creditor invoices overdue.

Powerful ways to analysis data

Gain powerful insights

Powerful sales analysis

On-screen sales graphs plus in-depth customised analysis by almost any criteria

MoneyWorks Subscriptions

MoneyWorks Subscriptions

With MoneyWorks, you have the choice of buying a licence, or subscribing to one, or a combination of both.

MoneyWorks subscriptions enable you to pay a low, monthly fee for continued use of MoneyWorks. Here's how it works:

  1. Create or login to your MoneyWorks account
  2. Register your Visa/Mastercard credit or debit card details1
  3. Choose the product to which you wish to subscribe
  4. Agree to the Terms and Conditions
  5. Your credit card will be charged for the first month's subscription, and a MoneyWorks activation code will be sent to you
  6. Every month from that date, your credit card will be automatically charged for the next month's subscription.
  7. To modify or suspend the subscription, simply log into your MoneyWorks account

A subscription will cover any updates and upgrades released while the subscription is current, but does not include support (which will be charged separately).

Note that, with subscriptions, MoneyWorks will occasionally check back to our server to check your subscription status. For this reason you need to have internet access every ten days or so.

If you suspend your subscription, or otherwise don't pay, your MoneyWorks will stop working. Simply renew the subscription for continued access.

See subscription pricing >

1Your credit card details are held securely by our payment gateway supplier, DPS.

MoneyWorks Subscriptions

Subscription Options and Pricing

The following products are available for subscription. Prices are in NZD per month

MoneyWorks Cashbook$ 0.00
MoneyWorks Cashbook$ 0.00
MoneyWorks Cashbook$ 0.00
MoneyWorks Cashbook$ 0.00
MoneyWorks Cashbook$ 0.00
MoneyWorks Cashbook$ 0.00
MoneyWorks Cashbook$ 0.00
MoneyWorks Cashbook$ 0.00
MoneyWorks Cashbook$ 0.00
MoneyWorks Cashbook$ 0.00
MoneyWorks Cashbook$ 0.00
MoneyWorks Cashbook$ 0.00
MoneyWorks Express$ 16.50
MoneyWorks Express$ 17.90
MoneyWorks Express$ 19.80
MoneyWorks Gold$ 25.70
MoneyWorks Express$ 26.10
MoneyWorks Express$ 27.50
MoneyWorks Express$ 27.50
MoneyWorks Express$ 27.50
MoneyWorks Express$ 27.50
MoneyWorks Express$ 27.50
MoneyWorks Gold$ 27.90
MoneyWorks Gold$ 30.90
MoneyWorks Express$ 31.60
MoneyWorks Express$ 31.60
MoneyWorks Gold$ 40.80
MoneyWorks Gold$ 42.90
MoneyWorks Gold$ 42.90
MoneyWorks Gold$ 42.90
MoneyWorks Gold$ 42.90
MoneyWorks Gold$ 42.90
MoneyWorks Gold$ 49.30
MoneyWorks Gold$ 49.30
MoneyWorks Express$ 260.00
MoneyWorks Gold$ 525.00
MoneyWorks Datacentre Single Company File
    Single User$ 36.30
    Additional Concurrrent User$ 14.50
MoneyWorks Datacentre Single Company File
    Single User$ 39.30
    Additional Concurrrent User$ 15.70
MoneyWorks Datacentre Single Company File
    Single User$ 43.52
    Additional Concurrrent User$ 17.42
MoneyWorks Datacentre Multi-Company File
    Single User$ 45.50
    Additional Concurrrent User$ 14.50
MoneyWorks Datacentre Multi-Company File
    Single User$ 49.30
    Additional Concurrrent User$ 15.70
MoneyWorks Datacentre Single Company File
    Single User$ 57.50
    Additional Concurrrent User$ 23.00
MoneyWorks Datacentre Single Company File
    Single User$ 60.50
    Additional Concurrrent User$ 24.20
MoneyWorks Datacentre Single Company File
    Single User$ 60.50
    Additional Concurrrent User$ 24.20
MoneyWorks Datacentre Single Company File
    Single User$ 60.50
    Additional Concurrrent User$ 24.20
MoneyWorks Datacentre Single Company File
    Single User$ 60.50
    Additional Concurrrent User$ 24.20
MoneyWorks Datacentre Single Company File
    Single User$ 60.50
    Additional Concurrrent User$ 24.20
MoneyWorks Datacentre Multi-Company File
    Single User$ 54.62
    Additional Concurrrent User$ 17.42
MoneyWorks Datacentre Single Company File
    Single User$ 69.50
    Additional Concurrrent User$ 27.80
MoneyWorks Datacentre Single Company File
    Single User$ 69.50
    Additional Concurrrent User$ 27.80
MoneyWorks Datacentre Multi-Company File
    Single User$ 72.10
    Additional Concurrrent User$ 23.00
MoneyWorks Datacentre Multi-Company File
    Single User$ 75.90
    Additional Concurrrent User$ 24.20
MoneyWorks Datacentre Multi-Company File
    Single User$ 75.90
    Additional Concurrrent User$ 24.20
MoneyWorks Datacentre Multi-Company File
    Single User$ 75.90
    Additional Concurrrent User$ 24.20
MoneyWorks Datacentre Multi-Company File
    Single User$ 75.90
    Additional Concurrrent User$ 24.20
MoneyWorks Datacentre Multi-Company File
    Single User$ 75.90
    Additional Concurrrent User$ 24.20
MoneyWorks Datacentre Multi-Company File
    Single User$ 87.30
    Additional Concurrrent User$ 27.80
MoneyWorks Datacentre Multi-Company File
    Single User$ 87.30
    Additional Concurrrent User$ 27.80
MoneyWorks Datacentre Single Company File
    Single User$ 900.00
    Additional Concurrrent User$ 250.00
MoneyWorks Datacentre Multi-Company File
    Single User$ 950.00
    Additional Concurrrent User$ 250.00

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Subscription Terms

MoneyWorks Subscription: Terms & Conditions


By clicking/checking the "I have read and accept these terms and conditons" checkbox or equivalent, accessing the Cognito website or by using the Services You agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. The Services may not be accessed by persons who are not legally eligible to be bound by these Terms.

  1. The MoneyWorks Subscription Service ("Subscription") provided by Cognito is an online service which gives access to one or more designated MoneyWorks software products ("Product") for a limited time period ("Period").

  2. The Subscription provides You with a non-transferable, time expiring licence to use the Product. At the end of the Period the licence will expire and You agree to either renew or cease using the Subscription. Continued use without renewing the Subscription is forbidden.

  3. To access the Services You will need to provide information about Yourself. You agree that any such information shall be accurate. You will also be asked to choose a user name and password. You are entirely responsible for maintaining the security of Your user name and password and agree not to disclose such to any third party.

  4. Access to the Product is provided by an Access Serial Key ("Serial"), and requires regular access to the internet. You agree that You will not disclose the Serial to any third party whatsoever.

  5. You further agree not to disassemble, reverse-engineer or in any other way attempt to modify the Services or the Subscription management process, or to attempt to bypass any controls on the Services. Any software associated with the Services and website is protected by copyright laws and international copyright treaties, as well as other intellectual property laws and treaties.

  6. Cognito will charge You, and You agree to pay, the listed price for the Subscription. This will be automatically charged to Your credit card or other payment mechanism selected by You and approved by Cognito (your "Account"), on a monthly basis. Cognito reserves the right to vary prices for the Subscription at any time, including charging for a Subscription or Product that was previously free, and will notify You by email at least 30 days in advance of a price increase.

  7. Your subscription provides access to the Product only, and not to any support or other services. Should You require support or assistance from Cognito in any form, You agree that Cognito can, at its sole discretion, charge your Account for the support provided at Cognito's then current support rates.


  8. You may suspend or terminate your Subscription at any time. Suspension or termination by You comes into affect at the end of the Period.

  9. In the event of Cognito becoming aware of abuse of any aspect of the Services by You, including but not limited to failure to pay, Cognito has the absolute right to immediately suspend Your access to the Services without prior notice.


  10. Your use of the Server and Product is entirely at Your own risk and Cognito provides no warranties as to the Services. Without limiting the foregoing, Cognito does not warrant that the Services will meet Your requirements, or that the Services will be suitable for any particular purpose, or that the Services are secure, free of bugs or viruses or interruptions, or that Your use of the Services will satisfy or ensure compliance with any legal obligations, laws or regulations. To avoid doubt, all implied conditions, and warranties of the Services are excluded insofar as is permitted by law, including, without limitation, warranties of merchantability and fitness for purpose, performance, accuracy and quiet enjoyment.

  11. To the extent not prohibited by law, in no event shall Cognito be liable for personal injury, or any incidental, special, indirect or consequential damages whatsoever, including, without limitation, damages for loss of profits, loss or corruption of data, business interruption or any other commercial damage or loss arising out of, or related to the Your use, or inability to use the Services, however caused, regardless of the theory of liability (contract, tort or otherwise).


  12. The Services, including the MoneyWorks Software, is owned solely by Cognito, and nothing in these terms grants You any ownership.

  13. Data files that You create using MoneyWorks belong to You, and You are responsible for their care and backup.

  14. Particular features of the Services may be subject to separate software or other license agreements or terms of use. You must read, accept, and agree to be bound by any such separate agreement as a condition of use of those features of the Services.


  15. You need to provide Cognito with email addresses and other information in order to access the Services. Cognito agrees to hold this information private and not to disclose it to any third party whatsoever, unless required to by law.

  16. You agree that, as part of this subscription, Cognito may email You from time to time about the Services, MoneyWorks or related software/services.

  17. Cognito reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time, and will advise You of such changes by email or such other means as may be appropriate. Your continued use of the Services indicates Your acceptance of any changes.

    Governing Law

  18. These terms of use and the provision of goods and service by Cognito shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of New Zealand and You hereby expressly submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of New Zealand.

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MoneyWorks Express

Accounts receivable

The accounts receivable efficiently tracks your invoicing who owes you money, enabling you to reduce outstanding invoices for better cash flow.

Easily prepare and send high-quality professional invoices ...

  • Produce free-form service invoices or quantity/item invoices with descriptions of up to 1000 characters per line item.
  • Subscription billing: Replicate an invoice multiple times for selected customers (membership dues, school fees, subscriptions etc).
  • Recurring invoices (e.g. retainers) can automatically regenerate at nominated intervals.
  • Head office billing and drop shipping: sell to a branch office, but bill to head-office.
  • Offer and manage prompt-payment discounts, to speed up collection.
  • Manage GST/VAT/sales taxes, with tax overrides for overseas/out-of-state customers.
  • Print or email invoices, either individually or in bulk
  • Use the built-in forms designer to customise your invoices (and statements) to represent your company brand.

... manage receivables

  • Easily manage/sort/search your receivables with the configurable onscreen list.
  • Print or email statements and overdue letters, either individually or in bulk.
  • Customisable open-item or balance-forward statements forms.
  • Automatic notification of overdue accounts for good debtor control.
  • Variable credit terms and limits, and hold facility for delinquent customers.
  • Flexible ageing with comprehensive reporting to meet with your billing cycle.
  • Fast on-screen customer payments history to see who paid what, when.

.. and allocate customer payments, even when they botch it.

  • Fast processing of receipts either individually or in batch.
  • Open-item receivables with optional smart auto-allocation of receipts to invoices.
  • Allocate receipts to invoices when importing bank statements.
  • Easy write-off, contra and cancellation facilities.
  • Handles partial payments, overpayments and uneconomic balances.

Moneyworks Express

Accounts payable

Use the accounts payable system to optimise your payments for better cash flow.

Easily enter invoices ...

  • Fast, streamlined entry of supplier/vendor invoices.
  • Import electronic invoices using configurable import maps.
  • Record invoices by item or by account.
  • Store original PDF or scan of hardcopy invoice for your records
  • Prompt-payment discounts - take advantage of any supplier prompt-payment discounts (and correctly account for GST/VAT/Sales Tax).
  • Head-office payments: purchase from branch but pay head-office. Also suitable for co-ops.
  • Tag expenses to jobs for simple job reporting

... manage payables

  • Automatic notification when payment on invoices is overdue.
  • Fast and comprehensive on-screen payments history, to see what you paid and when.
  • Aged payables reports, including retrospective.
  • Batch payments: pay hundreds of suppliers in a single payment run.
  • Associate creditors with a payment method to easily select and pay by cheque, direct credit etc.

... and make payment

  • Print cheques and/or remittance advices, or email remittance advice direct to supplier.
  • Prepare direct credit schedules for electronic submission to bank1.
  • Easy write-off, contra and cancellation facilities.
  • Manage partial payments.

1Electronic payment is for supported banks only (most NZ, Aus banks supported) and may require special bank software. New banks can be added as MoneyWorks report plug-ins.

MoneyWorks Express

Custom sales analysis

Your MoneyWorks file contains much more than just financial data, so we make it easy for you to analyse this to get better insights into how your business operates.

All MoneyWorks products include a number of standard analysis reports (such as "Item sales by customer"). These can be easily modified in MoneyWorks Express/Gold, or you can create your own from scratch.

  • Flexible, user-specifiable analysis reports perform powerful cross-tabulation dissection of your sales and/or purchases in up to three dimensions over a nominated time range.
  • Easily answer questions such as "who is buying these products?" and "what products did we sell into this region last quarter?".
  • Analyse by dollars, quantities, costs or margins.
  • Prepare tabular reports with live drill down, or present as charts (column, stacked-column, line or pie charts).
  • Save analysis report templates for reuse later.
  • Easily email report outputs as pdfs.
  • MoneyWorks Gold/Datacentre also includes analysis of job data (e.g. "what resources have been used on this job?", "on what jobs has this resource been used?", "what has Grant been doing?").

MoneyWorks Express

Custom forms designer

Create eye-catching invoices and statements, not to mention purchase orders, cheques, mailing labels and remittance forms. Fit forms to existing stationery or print on plain paper. Full graphics support for company logos, etc.

  • Design your own invoices, statements, receipts, cheques, letters, product labels etc.
  • Include graphics—lines, rectangles, round-cornered rectangles and pasted/imported graphics.
  • Smart forms capability—include formulas and conditional visibilty of form elements
  • Create multi-part and multi-page forms.
  • Easily print mailing labels, product labels and shipping labels.
  • Include barcodes (EAN13/UPC and GS1/Code128) and product images.
  • All forms can be PDFed and emailed; you can even include clickable links to your website in PDFs (full PDF support even on Windows - no additional software required)

MoneyWorks comes with dozens of standard forms. With MoneyWorks Express or MoneyWorks Gold you can modify them or create your own. MoneyWorks Cashbook can use forms designed with Express or Gold.

Accounts receivable

Good management of your receivables (who owes you money, also known as your debtors) is a vital part of running any business, and MoneyWorks makes this easy. Being able to generate professional looking invoices is just the start of the process—you want your customers to pay as soon as possible. With automatic reminders, easily searchable lists, special enquiry screens and credit hold facilities, MoneyWorks gives you the tools you need to better manage your receivables and improve your cash flow.

MoneyWorks Express also includes features that you would normally only find in higher-end systems with higher end pricing. Features like time-expiring (prompt payment) discounts, head office billing (where you invoice the branch, but get paid by the head office), subscription billing (send the same invoice to hundreds of customers), and customisable over-due letters which can be printed or emailed.

Note that, if you want to segment your general ledger with multiple accounts receivable control accounts, or to send invoices and receive payments in different currencies, you will need to consider MoneyWorks Gold.

Accounts payable

Careful management of your payables (the businesses that you owe money to, also known as your creditors) can improve both your cash flow and your credit rating. MoneyWorks has the tools to manage this process, and to take advantage of any prompt payment/settlement discounts offered by your suppliers.

MoneyWorks also makes the payment process easy, with the ability to pay your creditors individually or in bulk, either by cheque or electronic payment (for supported banks) with email notification.

Note that, if you receive and pay invoices in different currencies, you will need to consider MoneyWorks Gold.

Powerful data analysis

One of the many features that sets MoneyWorks apart from other systems is its ability to number-crunch your data to produce management insights into how your business operates. You've got all this valuable sales and purchasing data in your system, and unlike other systems, MoneyWorks lets you analyse it easily.

The built-in Analysis Report generator allows you to easily specify the data you want to analyse, and will produce a simple table or graph for the desired time interval.

Features common to all MoneyWorks products

All MoneyWorks product are built on a powerful, framework that includes the following:


Record payments and receipts and automatically track the GST.

General Ledger

Maintains details of your accounts for over 7 years.

Powerful on-screen enquiries

Easily view balances and trends for accounts, customer or item sales.

Flexible reporting

A library of over seventy standard reports.

Names database and contact management

Store customer and supplier names, addresses, phone numbers, email & web addresses.

Item pricing

Enter sales and purchases using account coding or item lookup with quantities and discounts.

tax tracking

MoneyWorks provides the best possible support for tax.

Sticky notes

All the better to remember you by.


Full budgeting for better control and decision making.

Multiple entities

Keep accounts for as many entities as you need.

Import/export & interoperability

Ensure interoperability with the other systems your business relies on.


Record information and prepare invoices/reports in almost any language.


Easily record all your payments & receipts.

  • Clear entry screens make for fast, accurate recording of transactions.
  • Store original PDF or scan of original hardcopy docket for your records [not Cashbook]
  • Import downloaded bank statements in QIF, OFX, QBO formats.
  • Automatic allocation of income and expenses by predefined rules.
  • Automatically manage your tax.
  • Recurring transactions save re-entering repetitive items such as rent and wages.
  • Print cheques or create electronic direct payment files for supported banks.
  • Manage as many bank or credit card accounts as you need.
  • Point and click bank reconciliation—no need to re-enter your bank statement.
  • Full bank register and cashflow reporting.
  • Produce professional profit & loss reports for month, year, multi-year comparison, budget and more.

General Ledger

Maintains details of your accounts for over seven years, right through to trial balance and balance sheet.

  • Completely flexible chart of accounts allows MoneyWorks to operate the way your business does.
  • Seven character free-form account codes for reporting flexibility.
  • Journals (including reversing journals) for managing account transfers and accruals.
  • Account movement graphs with drill-down to actual transactions.
  • Comparative reports and graphical analysis going back seven years.
  • Supports alternative code for reporting. Use your own codes in-house to provide the degree of breakdown that you need, but give your accountant reports based on their preferred coding structure.
  • No end-of-month or end-of-year rollover—have up to 90 periods open simultaneously.
  • Complete audit trails for added accounting integrity.

The extended general ledger in MoneyWorks Gold/Datacentre supports full departmental (cost-centre) accounting. Use departments to manage branches, divisions, vehicle fleets, properties etc.

  • Create departments for commonly occuring subledgers
  • Department codes can be up to five alpha-numeric characters
  • Group similar departments into groups for easy general ledger maintenance and reporting
  • Classify departments for reporting purposes
  • Report by department, group, classification or consolidated.

Customer and Supplier Database

MoneyWorks stores your valuable customer and supplier details and contact information in easily manageable lists, which can be easily searched and sorted. Use these to reliably identify contacts, perform sales analyses, prepare mail/email merge letters and more.

  • Use alphanumeric customer/supplier codes (up to 11 characters) for accurate access to customer names, address, phone, emails etc.
  • Store banking information for creating deposit slips or direct credit files.
  • Create as many contacts as you need per customer/supplier, and assign roles for easy management.
  • Bulk email to contacts selected by role.
  • Assign tax overrides to ensure correct tax handling for unregistered or out-of-state/overseas customers/suppliers.
  • Import and update contact from Address Book (Mac), or from text files.
  • Store URLs for quick access to supplier web sites.
  • Assign default allocation general ledger codes to speed up recording of service transactions.
  • Colour code your contacts for easy access.
  • Assign customer categories and use to analyse your sales (or purchases).
  • Record dates and details of customer/supplier calls, and set automatic reminders to follow-up.
  • Create name templates for easy setup of new or casual customers.
  • Attach sticky notes to customers (or suppliers) which will appear automatically when you make a new sales transaction.
  • Print address lists & mailing labels, envelopes, merge letters1 etc.

1Creating merge letters and postcards requires the MoneyWorks Forms Designer, which is available in MoneyWorks Express and Gold.

Multi-company support

Most accounting software allow you to only manage accounts for one company, or charge you extra for additional companies. The desktop1 version of MoneyWorks allows you to keep accounts for as many entities as you want on the one computer, with no additional fees or licenses required.

  • Run as many sets of accounts as you require on the one computer with no additional licensing fees.
  • Each set of accounts is kept as a separate file, allowing you to easily separate information from different entities.
  • Keep accounts for organisations with different structures, or even, with the international version, from different countries.
  • Have more than one file open at a time, allowing you to copy and paste transactions between entities [not supported for Gold clients].
  • All MoneyWorks versions are localised or self-localising for GST/VAT systems in New Zealand, Australia, Canada (including support for provincial sales taxes, HST, QST), Eurozone, Nepal, South Africa, Singapore and the UK, and for sales-tax tracking in the US.
  • Although designed for business use, MoneyWorks is also great for home accounts.
  • MoneyWorks Datacentre allows scripted consolidation across multiple sets of accounts.

1Desktop versions include Cashbook, Express and Gold, as well as Datacentre that is hosted on your own hardware. Hosted copies of MoneyWorks by external hosting companies may charge a per-file fee.


Full budgeting for better control and decision making.

  • Full budgeting—with two separate budgets.
  • Easily compare actual performance to budgets in on-screen enquiries.
  • Use the built-in budget editor to enter and manipulate budget data.
  • Copy and paste budget data from an external spreadsheet.
  • Import/update budgets from text file.
  • Full departmental (cost-centre) budgeting in MoneyWorks Gold/Datacentre.
  • Extensive set of reports for budget vs actual and revised forecasts.

Easily manage GST/VAT/sales taxes

MoneyWorks provides the best possible support for GST/VAT and sales taxes for most countries. Specific MoneyWorks versions are available for:

  • Australia - GST handling with BAS Guide
  • Canada - GST/HST/PST/QST handling for all provinces
  • Eurozone - VAT handling
  • Malaysia - VAT handling
  • Nepal - VAT handling with VAY Guide
  • New Zealand - GST handling with GST Return Guide
  • Singapore - GST handling with GST F5 Guide and IRAS Audit File IAF
  • South Africa - VAT handling
  • UK - HMRC recognised VAT handling with VAT Guide
  • USA - Sales tax handling
  • Other countries - International version handles GST/VAT and sales taxes

Tax handling is simple in MoneyWorks, and is normally done automatically when a transaction is entered.

  • Enter amounts as tax inclusive or exclusive—MoneyWorks does the rest.
  • Default tax is based on general ledger code used, so you never need to worry about charging tax on wages or other exempt/free items.
  • Tax code override for individual customers or suppliers (useful for offshore or out-of-state transactions).
  • Complete handling of GST/VAT on payments/cash basis (invoice/accrual basis available in MoneyWorks Express/Gold/Datacentre).
  • Tax handling is based on 'transaction tagging', so you never need worry that a transaction has been omitted or double-counted.
  • Guide forms available for a number of jurisdictions to help complete tax documentation/returns.
  • Detailed reporting provides complete audit trail.

Item database with item counts

Easily set up items or services that you regularly buy/sell as products, allowing you to specify quantities, maintain consistent pricing and perform extensive sales reporting and analysis.

  • Keep a price book of products or services sold or purchased.
  • Ensure consistent pricing with item buy and sell prices.
  • Maintain an automatic count of the items that you have on hand.
  • See who has (or hasn't) purchased which items.
  • Use product codes of up to 31 characters.
  • Assign categories to items and use to analyse your sales.
  • Attach sticky notes to your products, which will appear automatically as prompts when you make a new sales/purchase transaction ("Would you like fries with that?").
  • Print price lists, report on top selling products, view sales trends, analyse sales by item category, customer, region etc.

MoneyWorks Gold/Datacentre has enhanced product features including pricing matrix, full inventory accounting, serial/batch tracking, multiple-warehouses and bills of materials.

Sticky notes will help you organise

Sticky notes act as on-screen reminders in the day to day use of MoneyWorks. Another example of one the many incredibly useful features that make MoneyWorks a stand-out product.

  • Attach a sticky note to a record, and it will pop-up as a reminder when you view the record, or use the code identifying that record.
  • If a customer (for example) has a sticky note on their record, it will pop-up whenever you sell something to that customer.
  • Sticky notes can be attached to transactions, customer/suppliers, accounts, items and job records.
  • Have different sticky notes appear for purchase or sales transactions.
  • Colour code your sticky notes to indicate importance.
  • On an item: use to up-sell ("Would you like fries with that?") or remind about required ancillary products.
  • On a customer: use to remind about bad credit, outstanding issues or for customer relations ("Ask about John's new baby").
  • On an account: use to provide guidelines on when to use and not use the account.
  • On a transaction: use to annotate why it was coded differently, or why it needs to be checked.

On-screen enquiries make sense of your data

On screen enquiries are a great way to get instant access to your valuable data. See historic balances, view sales (or purchasing) trends, and find out what makes your business tick.

  • Separate on-screen enquiries of accounts, products, customers/suppliers.
  • See general ledger balances for an account or range of accounts.
  • Display budget values to monitor performance.
  • View product sales, costs and quantities for a nominated selection of items.
  • See sales value (or purchases) for a nominated selection of customers.
  • Segment charts by item or customer category to view comparative performances.
  • Drill down to transaction level data to see what makes the values displayed.
  • See trends by enquiring on a range of periods—up to seven years is available.

Unicode support

Record information and prepare invoices/reports in almost any language.

Languages include Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Cyrillic and most other non-Roman text, with the exception of right-to-left scripts (e.g. Arabic).

Unicode also provides full cross platform support (Windows and Mac) for accented characters (bonne idée, Māori) and other special symbols.

Powerful reporting

Because an accounting system is only as good as the information you can extract, MoneyWorks comes with a large number of useful reports, each of which can be prepared in a multitude of ways.

  • Comes with Trial Balance, Income, Cashflow, Tax, Cash Projection, Ledger and Balance Sheet, plus profit, trading, inventory, sales, job and budget reports.
  • Preview on screen, or output to PDF, Email, Excel, Word, Numbers, Clipboard, text or HTML file
  • Easily see what makes the numbers by drilling down to underlying transaction data.
  • Dice and slice your reports: most reports can be run on subsets of data, condensed, or summarised by different criteria.
  • Model and forecast your cashflow [MoneyWorks Gold].

But there is much more to MoneyWorks than just financials ... for example:

  • Analysis reports will analyse your transaction data (e.g. see who has purchased what, what regions are products selling into).
  • The Product Catalog will print a catalog, complete with pictures
  • Top sales/purchases, salesperson commission, backorder, sales/purchase history, committed budget, recurring transactions ...

MoneyWorks Express and Gold allow you to modify/create analysis reports, so you can extract just the data you need. MoneyWorks Gold includes a powerful report writer, allowing you to modify/create virtually any financial or management report.

Interoperability: Works well with others

Integrate MoneyWorks with other key systems for streamlined workflow and greater productivity.

  • Import bank statements with auto-allocations.
  • Configurable importing for transactions, names, items, accounts using Copy/Paste into lists, or the File>Import command1.
  • Export from all main database lists using Copy or the File>Export command1.
  • Import/Export data as tab delimited text or xml.
  • Use mwScript, the powerful MoneyWorks Gold scripting language, to format data into virtually any format.

Ensure interoperability with the other systems your business relies on.

  • Use report scripts (developed in MoneyWorks Gold) to automate tasks.
  • Send reports direct to Excel, Numbers (Mac), pdf or text file.
  • Automate data transfer using Applescript (Mac) or Visual Basic (et al) via COM (Windows).
  • Live-link your Access or FileMaker databases to MoneyWorks to streamline your workflow.
  • Create scripts in the VBA layer of Excel to exchange data with MoneyWorks.
  • Use mwScript in MoneyWorks Gold/Datacentre to automate tasks and retrieve data from other sources.
  • Use the REST APIs in MoneyWorks Datacentre to access your accounts from other systems, even across the internet.

1The file Import and Export commands are not available in MoneyWorks Cashbook; instead use Copy and Paste to transfer data through the clipboard.

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Need inventory, time-billing, multiple currencies or

Then you’ll need to consider MoneyWorks Gold or Datacentre.

MoneyWorks Gold

  • MoneyWorks Gold includes all the features of Express, plus full inventory control, job costing, foreign currency support and more.
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MoneyWorks Datacentre

  • MoneyWorks Datacentre has all the features of MoneyWorks Gold, with the convenience of server hosting.
  • Allows any (authorised) user to access any MoneyWorks file at any time.
  • Access MoneyWorks from mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Android etc).
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