Importing Payments/Receipts on Invoices

Importing payments on invoices is similar to importing other transactions except that the imported payments are automatically posted. You can import payments/receipts on invoices by choosing File>Import>Payments on Invoice, or if you have the information on the clipboard, you can hold down the option key (Mac), or the shift key (Windows) and choose Edit>Paste Records.

If the Payment.InvoiceID is set to Work it Out, MoneyWorks will choose which invoice to allocate the amount to based on the Credit Handling pop-up in the Import Options (for a discussion of the options, see Accepting the Batch of Debtor Receipts.

The import fields are:

OurRef11For Cash Payments, the cheque number;for Cash Receipts, the receipt number;
TransDateThe date of the transaction. This should be normally specified in dd/mm/yy format (If your system is set up for U.S. date formats, you will need to specify dates in mm/dd/yy format)MoneyWorks will also accept dates in d mmm yyyy format. Work it out will insert today's date.
Type2CP for Cash Payment; CR for Cash Receipt
NameCode[Required field]9For debtor invoices, this is the debtor code;for creditor invoices, it is the creditor code.
Flag5This can be any text. If this field is not blank, a flag icon shows up in the status column of the transaction list.
Description255The transaction description.
Gross[Required field]The amount of the transaction. This must equal the sum of the payment amounts. It will be set automatically to the sum of the payments/receipts if the Work it out option is set.
Analysis9Any text you like.
ToFrom255The name of the other party. This will be set to the creditor or debtor name if the Work it Out option is set.
Salesperson5The salesperson field.
Payment.InvoiceID7For receipts, this is your invoice number (which must be unique). For payments, this can either be your order number (which ought to be unique), or the creditors invoice number (which ought to be unique for that creditor)--this choice is set in the import Options.If this field is set to Work it Out, payments are allocated based on the Credit Handling pop-up in the Import Options.
Payment.AmountNThe amount of the payment/receipt to be allocated to invoice InvID. For payments, this must be less than the outstanding invoice amt. For receipts, any surplus will be handled as an overpayment.If this field is set to Work it Out, the minimum of the outstanding balance of the invoice and the residual amount from the gross is allocated.