A note on exporting Payments/Receipts on Invoices

You cannot export payments/receipts on invoices in a manner that is suitable for importing back into MoneyWorks. However you achieve the same result by using a variant of Edit>Copy. To export payments or receipts on invoices:

  1. In the Transaction list, highlight the payments/receipts to export
  1. Hold down the option key (Mac) or the shift key (Windows) and choose Copy from the Edit menu

MoneyWorks will copy the highlighted payments/receipts against invoices to the clipboard, ignoring those that are not payments/receipts against invoices. The format used is tab delimited with repeating fields.

You can paste this into a spreadsheet or word-processor, and save the resulting document as a text file if you wish, or option/shift paste it into a another MoneyWorks document.

To paste into another MoneyWorks document

  1. Open the transaction list in the other MoneyWorks document
  1. Hold down the option key (Mac) or the shift key (Windows) and choose Paste from the Edit menu

The import map for Payments on Invoices will be displayed.

Note: The target MoneyWorks document must have the same invoices (and Names) as the originating one, with unique invoice numbers.